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  1. You can googel it
  2. Mini Skirt looks so cute in cute girls. Here you go, with few good looking mini skirts. http://www.jabong.com/women/clothing/womens-skirts/clothing/
  3. Here is a portal for good outfits.
  4. You could find this page very helpful, checkout. A good collection of Skirts.
  5. I don't get much attracted towards accessories. But love the clothing, Surfing on the intenet on e commerce sites, many times I have this great urge to buy all the shirts and t-shirts that come in front of my eyes.
  6. Reid and Taylor is consider elite winterwear brand. Have a look at on of its offering and look for the similer items in the link
  7. Rather, Have a look on some Indian Sarees. Women look Elegant wearing this.
  8. I found Indian Saree as most romantic for girls.
  9. Please Freya, I am not a bot.
  10. Hey people want to purchase a woodland shoe. Should I bought it from Woodland online or some e commerce site or direct from Woodland store. Which is best in term of price and gaurentee.
  11. Yeah mee too, looking for a shoes blogger.
  12. Here is the link of good shoe store in UK
  13. There are many online stores..you can go and buy from.
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