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  1. Woot, There's a Linden response to the JIRA, looks like the issue is already fixed in an unreleased next build for EEP viewer.
  2. Several builds back I'd log on to EEP and gradually after a while, something about the colors and shadow would annoy me enouhg I'd switch back. Now I only switch back because I need to use a feature that's only on another viewer. I was going to say I lack any huge complaints, but then I put on an avatar that made heavy use of emmissive masked textures and thought I had accidentally set the coloring of the textures to a dark grey, I mean everything looked dark. Upon investigation I found that the emissive masking was the culprit and any texture using emissive masking comes up rea
  3. Yeah, but I'm not saying you need to reproduce existing content precisely. I'm saying we ought to nail the level of light/shadow to be in the vague ballpark as it in the very least. If everyone finds every single one of their sims washed out and lacking contrast there shall be butthurtedness. If everything is kinda different but dark is still dark and bright is still bright and they got awesome windlight tools they probably won't notice. And i'm not about those weird artsy windlights either where everything is like two-tone, I figure those are a lost cause. I'm talking like your bog-s
  4. So, I talked to the owner of the "Lower Planes" sandbox and adult fantasy sim and we managed to wrangle it on to bluesteel and wrangle me rights to edit the parcel windlights there. The results are interesting. I have that bloodshot sky I did earlier installed in the desert area and rigged it into a day cycle. (Note: Stars are only rendering near ground level likely related to earlier Jira I did about the star parallax being off.) Black hole sun won't you come and cast a strange purply illumination about the ground level sandbox area. That's the stuf
  5. https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-226217 Was in an EEP sim and someone pointed out the stars were doing a weird thing. I looked up and lo and behold parallax betwixt the stars/moon/clouds made it look like the stars were the nearest objects, rendered on a dome about the breadth of our sim surround. On the plus side, the moon does obscure out the stars. Which is kinda trippy since the parallax makes the moon look distant and the stars look near.
  6. I don't mind not matching precisely with legacy if it is a qualitative improvement. However, if it murders all contrast on all existing content and forces everyone to create/purchase custom content or suffer washed out color. Then it isn't good. However I do understand it is a work in progress. I will keep making noise where I don't like the look. Hopefully it ends up looking attractive in the end.
  7. Someone asked me to compare windlights. So I used Doomed Space Ship. This is Doomed space ship on a standard viewer. It is dark, it is sinister. It is red. This is Doomed Spaceship on EEP. My existence is now pink. The ground is lacking in a texture because I had teleported a few times, and group chats happened and my VRAM was like "that's it I'm done." Earlier EEP that was dark and this iteration share a similar problem: the color is just lacking contrast.
  8. Comparison time again. Current EEP and Current Viewer. Current Viewer Midday on my build platform. EEP viewer, midday on my build platform. Very similar, we are getting somewhere. We do, however, lose some shadow depth. Shadows are a bit deeper and darker on official viewer. I kind of like it that way. The lighter the shadows become the flatter the colors grow. EEP shadow is has a Value of 51. Official viewer shadows have a value of 37 and are ever so slightly blue (5D5D5E). White in both values is a true white of FFFFFF. Light is where
  9. Hmmm I didn't get the alpha blend one, that tail is alpha blended and ALM is going in those photos. Though I have seen that in not-eep in rather specific dark conditions at a club. This one club I dance at regularly my lipstick is always blackish as is my tail. Next time that DJ does a show with that light system she likes to use I should take an EEP viewer there and see if the issue gets more pronounced.
  10. Toying around with the EEP viewer my one biggest gripe is https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-225812 Except it's not just darker it is lighter too in certain issues. Depth of color is shallow or something. I'd comment on the JIRA in question but I appear to have no means to add comments to JIRAS or perhaps I just can't figure out how. I notice this dark outfit I sometimes wear really highlights it. Both these photos were taken on the fringe of a point light in a dark night interior scene with shadows enabled. That is a the scene with an EEP viewer. That'
  11. Cripple the viewer? Nope. You got to realize the core aspect of experiences that makes them awesome is you can nope your way out of them. This is way better then the old-school permission system because once you said yes you had to relog. Heck, for non-global experiences you can just step out of the parcel that has the experience and all your experience attachments fall off your avatar. Me (Avatar for firestorm users) -> Experiences -> Allowed tab, drop it. DONE. Not even a minute of work. And if you look there's this handy dandy little "report" button for exper
  12. Ellestones hit the nail on the head really. If someone is in the combat area I want them to have the shared windlight as everyone else. If they are fighting in a shadowy nighttime environment I don't want them cheating themselves some midday sun. So I use an experience to staple a windlight to them. If they do not like the windlight and duck out of experience. I will detect that via some easy to run LSL checks and my script will ask them nicely to get to the spectator area or get back in experience with a hud. If they fail to comply I'll eject them. If they don't take the
  13. Yeah fog doesn't cover fullbrights but it tends to just look horrible in murky settings as a consequence. Even if you do your entire build fullbright the avatars will not be properly lit and look oddly murky.
  14. As someone who works on SL games I'd really really really dislike it if someone can simply locally override an experience applied windlight. Ducking out of experience to shake off windlight is perfect behavior. We always need an escape option. But overriding a valid experience override that you are still part of is not cool. Let's say You set a rather dark windlight in one combat map through the combat hud and experience because you want to make a certain combat map a unique experience. Well what if players could just set it to bright sunny day at a click? It defeats the point. You
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