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  1. ‘’Adittion to Previus state’’LL has so far created an Egocentric, Cheep Consuming, Narrow Thinking Environment! [PS:Not me put down the words] The law applies for the Governor to take measures in Order to ensure future wellbeing in-world on behalf of all .incs .ltds. s.p.a.s ..o.s ect ect ect,. Real-time assurance of up-dates of every aspect. Solutions like ‘’Creating Linden Labs to avoid taxes’’ and in general looking at it only from the owners wellbeing perspective, is not vital, not today! In fact one would expect that .inc to do as better possible as possible in all fields! I know, LL thinks money is not Enough to build a super computer(prefers to stay with Atlas-Assian or whatever their name is)! And of course Governor Linden would<Never<00.00<Ever<<00.00IllLetHishighgness be a fractal of a bigger host! Og no! But my, question is, why not? And why, not sit Down as a community we should come out and discuss the ‘O’s’s or any other ‘O’s’s assistance?<(could be E-Bay)Could be else bigger than LL. Could be Google! PS: Theresa Tennyson, advise me ‘’How and IF it worth an idea shared with others in the community, this idea name would be similar to ‘’I resident, want my avatar to worth a real-time heartbeat of floating measures (! £&$%^*”ect),in 50 or 100 years’ time’’ how to get that fortune.
  2. Dear Theresa Tennyson, A very good point for discussion, ‘’who is who, in real life’’. You can take the ‘registered addresses’ or the address of the initial foundation location of a company and say this is an American or non-American company. Or, you can take the variety of BoD Nationalities and combined with the registered addresses, decide if this is an American or non-American. Or, you can go in an even deeper management and see where the money goes and to whom the money is given, and only then decide a company’s a nationality. But the subject is not about Oracles Nationality, nor AtlasSian. I beg your pardon if I got the nationalities opo-mixed. I would go for a deeper analysis of this but this is not our subject, so I have my conclusions that, ‘O’ is not, and ‘A’ is, American. You say, ‘O’ is American, and ‘A’ is Australian. Ok? Let’s keep this. So, yes! I think that ‘O’ could play part in healing LL’s bad name in the global market, and help do their business better. LL’s huge implementation and contribution in computer technology (not only referring to SL) is questioned. Questioned by ‘the residents’,’ by the professionals’,’ by an influential global criticism’, questioned…in global scale…LL is constantly questioned. Don't you want to know why? Don't you want to fix this? As by today, LL does not own this intelligence? For outsiders it seems that LL does not care! LL does not know who is who in the game. And ‘we’ don't know what the game wants from us. LL never gave a purpose. But it comes to a point where money is needed (let’s say a 7zero figure in US$) in order to keep playing the game and be a leader in it in a global scale. How could LL make anybody to be interested in investing a 7zero figure in a project that most of the opinions are negative? How can one help LL take SL to the next step? ‘’The Global Permanent State’’ well! Its impossible to do it without Intel (I hope you agree on that). From now little see SL active in 10years time. It is more likely to ‘shrink’ into a graphic designer’s community. ‘O’ has a system to manipulate huge amounts of information ‘not just issue tracking’. ‘O’ is using ‘A’s’ stuff to do some tracking but this is only a small % to what ‘O's’ product package has to offer. LL can still use havok and keep play with viewer’s updates and developing new applications and debugging more semantic stuff in order to make the game better. BuT I think that LL need a BOOST. If you disagree on ‘O’s’ products. then what do you think would be the most preferable to create a Global online fingerprint of SL? Do you have the answers?
  3. how does LL adhase further research of ''SL'' in real depth, in depth beyond cuteness, beyond false daily transactions. Thinking steps beyond up-to-date viewer and what one would normally think. Think, as ‘’The highway ahead to cover the new area of business’’. Long ago was the breaking point, where some companies become to play important key roles into computing, internet business in global scale and social networking. The new business success is nothing else than ‘’the global social interactive computing management’’ (mine term, no dictionary. just feel it). A new term in this new era. LL as a software company driving towards this new era, is using by so far strictly American suppliers especially software and this is quite testing the impulse of what we call ‘’global’’. (That's the opposite of…‘’local’’, if I’m not mistaken). Virtual environments as well as social networks are most definitely most welcomed, especially amongst strong players in software technology, graphic design and many more, list of which you’ve seen before a thousand times. Its better to say rather'the 100% of the top 1000 are interested. Correct me if I'm wrong! But this question rises up and it concerns about the future of our beloved Second Life. LL is using Atlasian and Atlasian products (exJira). Where other completion including social monsters amongst the most serious ones are using a non-Americans' company products to fulfill their drives. the company is called, Oracle, (exJava). If then so, could Oracle be holding the key to Second Life Global Permanent State? We, as residents, the ones that support SL, one way or the other need support in order to keep our business processes in-world running. But, to shift a humble artists community into a multimillionaire miracle, as Second Life is or better said ‘’should be, is difficult and unacceptable! If LL would like to extent and look forward, could it be wise to switch to a new cloud?
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