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  1. That makes sense, thank you!! I will try to see if that option is available at the store I'm wanting to use credit in tomorrow. I really hope it's available, would be nice to get that little discount haha
  2. Do you mean like the gift cards in the store?
  3. Thanks! I'll keep an eye out for that then!
  4. I see, thanks! And if it were possible would the menu most likely show up after pressing the button to try to purchase with Store Credit?
  5. Hi! I was wondering if it's possible to use Store Credit in Inworld Stores towards a purchase using L$? I've tried the option to purchase with the Store Credit (the kind you receive as a bonus for buying items in the store in the past) but it says I don't have enough to buy the item with credit and there are no options to join it together with L$. Just wondering if it's not possible?
  6. Hi! Just wondering, before I go and waste my $L, is it possible to have more than one Crouch animation edited into an AO HUD like Ground Sits (Not the Firestorm viewer AO creator)? Or if I want more than one Crouch, I have to play the animation from my invetory? I tried to ask in an AO creator's group chat but it was like a ghost town so this was the only place I could think of asking ^^ Thanks!
  7. @Wulfie Reanimator @Mollymews Thanks so much for the details! Is it true if I do switch between both it'll cause the cache to fill up quicker and might cause issues though? Or is that not really something I would need to worry about? I have heard of Firestorm but never heard of Catznip so I'll definitely check it out thank you!
  8. @Lindal Kidd I still seem to have the same issue with the draw distance lowered but I guess I'll keep it lower to not overload my PC! And I lessend the amount of non-imposter avatars as wel, hopefully it'll help some. @Wulfie Reanimator @Mollymews I see... so a big part of it must be the viewer issue then. And that's more on Linden's part than the capability of my PC? That's really unfortunate cause I'm so used to the main viewer So, I should uninstall the main viewer and try one of these other ones? When I'm on these viewers, then how do I make sure to increase the texture memory usage to the max?
  9. Hi all! I'm in need of some help with graphics. To start, here's my PC build info: CPU: I7-8700K (OCed 4.7ghz), Memory 31.9gb Mainboard: ASUS Z370A Ram: GeIL DDR4 16G PC4-24000 CL16 Super Luce RGB Sync White (8Gx2) Psu: Seasonic Focus Plus 750 Gold SSR-750FX Gpu: RTX 2080 Hall Of Fame (HOF) Playing on a: Samsung 970 EVO M.2 SSD 1TB O/S: Windows 10 Home FPP For Wi-Fi: I'm connected by a line to my router (wall impossible) and according to a speed test online when the game is running my ping seems to be 6-8, download mpbs high 80s- low 90s, and upload mpbs low-mid 90s. I live in South Korea and I'm not using a VPN if that makes a difference. So, I'm tethered, not using wi-fi. My current settings for SL and the Stastics. I'm in Vista's Animation shop so the FPS is at around 30-40 but I have seen it go higher before I believe: (Also, I use the regular SL Viewer 64x bit, I don't use Firestorm or any other viewer): SL Settings and Cache size in advanced settings is 1024mb. Packet Loss seems to stay around 0.0-0.4 range. So, the issue I'm having is a constant blurring and sharpening of what I assume are textures. Like the background and my avi will blur and sharpen with every movement. Sometimes, if I've been playing a while, the blur just won't go away and I'm forced to restart the game. There's quite a bit of gray loading in the bg as well. My avi will also constantly get stuck in a walking position while walking or running everywhere, it's so annoying and hard to move around. I'll also see other people's avatars in pieces around me (not fully loading). Basically, nothing ever finishes loading no matter how long I wait in the room. Once I move the camera, it all blurs again. I've looked at a few older posts on topics similar to my issue and I've tried to apply any answers that were on these with no luck. Honestly, I don't understand what else could be happening. Or if I should change a setting to better optimize use of my PC for the game please do recommend. Could it just be these shops that have too much packed into them for the PC to handle? I've tried to go to less involved shops like Lelutka's mesh head shop but I still have the same issue. I'm really at a loss and it's starting to hurt my eyes with all the blurring and re-sharpening lol. Any suggestions? I have no idea what settings to mess around with. I've tried looking for a suggested " What I've Tried: Making sure my graphics drivers are up to date. PC temperatures are fine (around a constant 45-55c). Going into NVIDIA control panel to customize settings: Turned "Power management mode" to Prefer Max Performance, Turned "Threaded Optimization" on. Refreshed cache in the Advanced settings menu. Restarting computer and/or game. And I've tried searching for a suggested "Viewer texture memory buffer" setting but I can't find it anywhere. Must be a Firestorm thing?
  10. Thank you so much! I didn't think to turn around and sit on the same side. :matte-motes-stress:
  11. Hello, I wasn't sure where to post this but I was just wondering how to turn around while sitting? I feel like it has a really obvious answer. I've been playing for almost 3 years (on and off) and still haven't figured this out. For example, in the Safe Hub, I try to sit on the bar but I face the opposite direction as everyone else. I try approaching the bar from the other side but still the same thing. Thanks for any help! :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2:
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