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  1. I'm someone that made a new breedable pet about a month ago and i'm looking for some rezzer scripts that work on a channel to rez the food out on a plate from a server after when the pet food had been placed into the objects contents, so i can have it feed my customers pets after when they get it so they don't have to worry about feeding them when their food runs out. If you can help me find free scripts like that i'll be happy. Thanks! Just place a link or tell me what kind of rezzor scripts it is that i need.
  2. I hope so later tonight. This is really frustrating me. :manfrustrated:
  3. I'm having a problem with the merchant outbox on viewer 2 and i tried clearing my cache already on the viewer and the first few times the items i placed in before and after clearing my cache the folders aren't being sent to the marketplace. it just shows the little load circle tht spins around then doesn't send it. Can someone help me with this problem?
  4. Thats because they wanna make sure the testing is done properly with the test regions before updating the whole grid when they go to do the sim restarts.
  5. Didn't you try unsubscribing to their newsletter or go to your account to tell them not to send stuff to your e-mail?
  6. Have you tried this with -1.0 on the x and z axies? The one thing is when your making the build you have scripted you need to have edited linked prims in so you can fix it while its linked to your object your making. Then after trying a couple of times it should work okay if you place the scripts in the right spots to the root prim.
  7. Okay, i see what you mean. I guess i wasn't thinking straight when making the post. x.x
  8. Thats not a very bad idea. Its a good way to bump your items up in the marketplace depending on what your selling. The 1 problem is whatever this reward thing is for reviews if its in-world, you'll have to find someplace to keep it if its server based.
  9. Well these were probably made by LSL scripting where the script says that this person wants this so they get the user's UUID from their profile and they place it on there and then they have their user name come up when the Scripts detect on who it is after they use it. When its on a single prim face they have a transparent prim thats not seen thats linked to the other things. So then when the scripts get the users name the texture for changes for whoever is using it with the UUID's of texture letters placed in the scripts.
  10. Well if you want a different voting staition thats like the the one your using. Its best if you got a few for your clubs that have website directories. You can find them on the marketplace if they're free, say like meta vote i think one of them is called. You could try things like Fish Hunt or Gold Hunt from Second Ads Which i reccommend because people vote on your land with their huds. Try and get what you can to bring in a lot of people. If you can't afford that, then just stick with vote stations that have website directories. I hope this will help you out!
  11. You'll need a texture that will cover the whole prim. Afterwords use the repeating faces to move it into a single face image on the prim so its the way you wanted it. If if its facing the wrong way you can use the rotation for the texturing on the build menu for the texture tab. Hope this helps!
  12. I've had this happen before on an old account when it was from on someone's land. If your using viewer 2 for your main viewer, the way i figured out how to fix that was to reinstall the viewer then i was fine after that. Didn't have any problems after that. I'm not sure if that will help you out but, you can always try that.
  13. Well one of things is that some people can get away with this stuff on second life because it really all depends on what kind of land the people have. If they have their own private region that they pay for then there is nothing much you can do about it. If they were renting from another resident or renting mainland from linden labs then yeah, you can report them then to the resident their renting from or in mainland a Linden can remove them of what their doing and have them temp or perm banned from the grid. It really all depends on what kind of sim their on. Thats pretty much about it.
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