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  1. Ive been trying for some time now taking bits a poeces from other avatars and putting them together into what Ive wanted but the textures unfortunately do not work out the way I want them to. So instead now Im trying my luck to see if someone here is capable and willing to create this creature I have in mind and bring them to life. The creature is what I call a WereDragTaur: part Minotaur, dragon, and werewolf (or wolf depending on how you see it) I have had a drawn commission done which you can find here: http://www.furaffinity.net/full/7186291/ But thats just to give a rough estimate of what it might come to look like. I want to leave as much of this up to the creator giving them as much artistic liberty as possible. If your at all interested or wish to ask any question dont be afraid to give me a howl. Thanks so much for the read. -Faros
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