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  1. > How long is Sansar going to run paralel with Second Life and when will the current userbase be requested to set up new camp? (When SL remains open we oldies won't leave) We agree that many Second Life residents will prefer to stay in Second Life because of the reasons that you've stated. Many residents will visit both virtual worlds on an ongoing basis because of the different experiences that they will offer. We expect SL to remain viable for years to come. We have no plans to boot you over to Sansar. > Will Sansar run on low-end computers (that run Second Life) and be compatible wi
  2. Initially, SL residents will be able to create Sansar personas (under a master account) using their Second Life user names. (There may be some esoteric restrictions on Sansar names that I don't know about). At some point in time that offer will expire and all untaken Sansar names will be available to the general population. Don't worry; there will be plenty of notice.
  3. We have a dedicated core team of people working on improving Second Life and keeping it fresh. Naturally, we don't like to announce new features until we're absolutely sure that they're going to ship on a predictable date, but here are some features that we can talk about. I referred to some of these projects in my Meet the Lindens interview. o Experience Keys - Actually, this feature is already out, and it allows Premium creators to create experiences using experience keys and experience tools. We know that there are several creators working on some really impressive experiences. o Chrome E
  4. Sansar and Second Life have fundamentally different approaches to a lot of Virtual World features, so, as Pete Linden said, there's not a direct analog to the Mainland in Sansar. We are curious about what specifically residents like about the Mainland? Provided infrastructure? Large contiguous areas? A sense of community? Neighbors with common interests? Affordability? The catchy name?
  5. Since Sansar experiences don't have to fit into a slot into a contiguous world, the experiences can be arbitrarily large in area. You'll be limited to what you can put on/into an experience, not the area. That having been said, there is a (large) theorectial limit to what the physics simulator wants to deal with.
  6. Well, we can say that it is a good idea and it IS on the SL road map.
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