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  1. Well it was my graphics card, AMD, and it wasn't hardware skinning of any kind messing it up. I installed a new driver by way of the Crystal Suite from AMD's website, and everything fixed up in a jiffy!
  2. I have an issue with only select mesh pieces of clothing. I've been around almost six years and have adapted to the new mesh style naturally. Now, this select piece, an Egoisme Phoenix mesh shirt, never used to do this until a few months ago. I put it on, and the shirt has these... shadows, or pulling lines, that bleed out from my avatar and into the horizon or abyss, as seen here: Several of my other Egoisme shirts do it too, and I went there for help but no one seemed to be able to see them but me. It might be a graphics issue, but I've tweaked my preferences high and low and can't seem to find a fix. I am running Firestorm's latest version. My Kal Rau pants do this as well, and I would love some answers!
  3. Thank you, Song, I'm really appreciative of that! Also, that 1950's roleplay sounds fun, I hope you enjoy it!
  4. Haha, awww! I wish I'd have seen this sooner! That was adorable, thank you Lanas!
  5. Alright sunshine, thanks for the sarcastic blow and blow.
  6. I haven't been into anything hardcore in a while, and would like a casual Femdom mistress.
  7. I'm not looking for sissy men. I want a woman; if I had wanted some man in an alt I would have just gone to any free sex area and spoken to practically every 'girl' there.
  8. It has been a while since I was made to be anything but dominant, but the charm of it wore off. I am seeking nothing hardcore, but more familiar and kind, soft and gentle. A mistress, a lover, and a guide in times. This might not make sense, but there you have it.
  9. Do you feel as if you lack a certain confidence or a specific sexuality when emoting? I am here to help, as a great personal manipulator of words. I have held very high jobs in the clubbing industry, so whether you're a dancer looking for help, an escort for some private lessons, or even a casual to hardcore roleplayer who wants to brush up, I emplore you to come to me! You are invited to seek me out for any emoting help you need, and you can set your own rates, I only ask that the rate be paid up front. The lowest rate I expect will be 200L for an hour, but you are welcome to pay higher or tip if you really enjoy the lesson and my company. Seek me out!
  10. Syo Emerald wrote: Funny to see how all are talking about imaginary "haters" (what should that be?) Good luck with google translater anyway. Hope you never try to translate German into English with that, it always messes up as soon as the sentences gets a bit over the level of primary school. She wasn't imaginary, her hateful posts were taken down. And thanks for the advice
  11. SassyOne wrote: Удачи вам в ваших поисках Данте, игнорировать ненавистников :-) Спасибо вам большое, и я буду игнорировать тех, кто судей!
  12. Knowl Paine wrote: Я надеюсь, вы найдете приятный жена. Игнорируйте людей, которые судить вам. Спасибо большое. Имейте большой день!
  13. I'm looking for a nice, sweet woman for an SL only relationship. Someone who won't judge me for what I do as a living, as it is the only way I can earn money. A playful woman who can get access to google translate just for fun and start speaking different languages, like so: Ищу очень сладкий, покорной домохозяйки. Тот, кто не боится хочу, чтобы заботиться обо мне, но может также держать в шутками. По прихоти, я хочу, чтобы говорить на разных языках к вам в IM и местные, и вы можете присоединиться, если вы хотите! Contact me inworld, and we'll see where it goes.
  14. I don't make much nor do I yet have a plot of land to live on, but I have been on hard times recently and would like the comfort of a family to help me. My engagement fell through due to reasons I won't release, and I would like to forget about it. I'm looking for casual and maybe later on more serious family members. IM me inworld if you're interested.
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