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  1. I've been in SL for about a year. Early on I realized that, if I wanted to participate in the adult content, realistic equipment was a must. I bought an Xcite .. Appendage ...and have been very happy with it. However, given concerns about lag, as well as the policy of at least one adult club, I'm starting to think maybe I need to get non-interactive equipment. Also a factor is that the interactive features of the xcite has gotten ... well, less interesting. Given those concerns, what are my best options for a non-interactive appendage?
  2. I am BDSM curious and would like to mainly explore my sub side, though I have a dom side as well (I think that makes me a switch?) I know that the "curious" is going to be a problem for some, as it kind of conflicts with the whole nature of a domme/sub relationship - i.e., doesn't reflect the level of commitment a sub should have for his mistress/domme. Also there is the whole "newbie" thing to get over. But you have to start somewhere I guess. Two questions: (1) What are the differences between a "domme," a "mistress," and a "goddess?" (that's why I posted here instead of starting a new thr
  3. Thanks, that was helpful. FYI, the solution suggested in the linked thread worked, except that when I put certain outfits on, the problem recurred. It's almost like the problem is linked to certain outfits, and then "infects" other outfits over time, odd as that sounds. Unsurprisingly perhaps, switching to the Phoenix viewer also cures the problem, but it recurs when going back to the Linden viewer. My graphiscs card is a Radeon HD 6410D.
  4. Since the latest viewer update (actually not noticed immediately), I've had a really odd problem with my skin (and possibly my shape). I appear with odd skin tones (different tones for face, torso, and legs) and loss of skin detail. The shape appears off also. At first this was true only of some outfits, but now is a constant problem. Logging out & switching skins does not fix the problem. This is true of my view, and when others view me. I've seen some other people with the same problem. Probably unrelated, but I noticed it for the first time when I first put on a mesh outfit. Anyone el
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