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  1. Just a crazy group of out going freiends that use voice..We have every thing from rockers -strippers.. so if your bored you can find us at The Rabbit Hole.... Some alice in waonderland themed club... More are welocme to come hang out and talk..
  2. The Rabbit Hole is A different kind of strip/escort club, set in a whimsical club with an Alice in Wonderland theme. We are looking to bring on 6 more girls.. This is not your run of the mile SL club.. We have a custom Build and a friendly staff.. Couple things to keep in mind. 1) your acct most be at lest 30 days old. And age verified . 2) You most be able to emote at lest 3 lines. 3) Your AV most look the part (AKK no Noob AVs) Feel free to im me in game or leave a reply here.
  3. Hello im looking for a builder that is mainly into building clubs and so on...Alice in wonderland is the style
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