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  1. How exactly is this done? I downloaded: 2011.3.1 FBX Plugin which was recommended from: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Mesh/Exporting_a_mesh_from_3ds_Max#Fixing_number_of_bones But as another tutorial said, it might be impossible to upload a rigged mesh unless you have the Autodesk FBX 2013.2 plugin. Which is only available for 3ds Max 2012+ With that said, does that mean it's impossible to upload rigged mesh with 3ds Max 2010? I also was confused about this statement: All vertexes need to be weighted to 1.0 total (no unweighted or partially weighted ones). At joints weight vertexes to the two or more nearest bones to get a smooth bend.I'm wondering if this is where my mistake is. I don't know if all my vertexes are weighted to a total of 1, and am unsure how I can fix that if they aren't. This is what it looks like when I try to upload it: The model ends up looking flat instead of 3D When I click the deformations option. Without clicking it my mesh isn't rigged, but if I do click it, it rigs a 2D-ish model:
  2. Good to know thanks. I was worried that I'd have to rig a bunch of times. I'll probably have to custom-rig in max, even though the last time I tried it went horribly. I know there is a way to copy them to each one within 3ds Max as well, but I wasn't sure if resizing it would mean you had to re-rig it. I guess my only solution would be to custom rig it. I'll post what the mess of my topology looks like. I don't even know how it got so crazy @_@ But do you think this is still riggable? And here's it zoomed out for a better view:
  3. No, I only have the edges have a little bit of folds on the inside so that the invisible faces won't stand out so much. There aren't double faces around that area though.
  4. Hello, I just modeled a pair of jeans, and made the textures. Now I've gotten to rigging. I'm not very good at it, and don't know much about it. I use 3ds Max for modeling, which is what I'm proficient in, but I rig in blender (which I'm not very familiar with) because there's a copy bone weight tool that makes rigging a lot easier. It works really well, like the rigging is flawless except around the tricky areas around the crotch when you sit down. The rig looks fine except when sitting down. I read somewhere that topology might be the issue with it. But I was hoping to get some input to see what I could do to fix this. Also... seeing as you need to make all the different sizes for standard sizing. Do you have to rig each size seperately or can you resize them after they are rigged? And if it does happen to be topology that's the issue. Is there a way to fix it without messing up the uv map? Here is the issue that I'm talking about:
  5. Yeah that worked. Thank You. Someone else tried it out and it worked.
  6. I am having all sorts of issues with permissions. What exactly must be done to prevent people from changing a texture so you can list a demo on the marketplace? - I've tried going to the content tab, and selecting permissions and disabling everything. -Next Owner Permissions: Transfer Only -Within the store I set it as "Transfer Only" When I do a test delivery, I receive the item. The item says: "No copy and No modify" But I can still change the textures and add/remove links from it. Which elliminates the purpose of putting on demo boxes. I'm also having an issue with my full product. "No Transfer" products will show up as non-transferable, but others can still right click and "Take Copy" from the product, even when it doesn't belong to them.
  7. Spibe

    Rigged Mesh Upload Issue

    I did re-scale it to Blender size. The dress itself is fine, but its attachments that are seperate pieces are unalligning. I mean simple solution would be to just attach everything as one model instead of 3 parts. But I suppose I like allowing people to re-color the seperate pieces instead of everything being in one uvw map. The picture on top is just showing that it works within blender. The 3 orange boxes is showing the scales/rotation of the three items (And the skeleton and the model are both the same rotation/scale as well.) The last picture in the red box is what comes up in the uploader. I also get a MAV error with one, which might be because there was apparently one "turned edge". when I exported the DAE from 3ds max. I'm not sure >.< If I upload just the dress itself without the attachments it works fine though
  8. Spibe

    Rigged Mesh Upload Issue

    I think my issue was, when I uploaded my mesh from 3ds max, I did the stupid thing of scaling the skeleton to fit my mesh instead of scaling my mesh to fit the skeleton. But the avatar i modeled off of doesn't have a fancy name that I'm aware of. It was just some thing I downloaded that had the default mesh modeling sizes in it. Maybe it's just avatar.blend. It was just some ZIP file that contained the 5 sizes. I think I downloaded it off some SL wiki page or something. I can't remember. It should work now that I fit it to Blender's scale instead of 3ds Max's. Once I get everything uploaded I'll keep you posted :3
  9. Spibe

    Rigged Mesh Upload Issue

    I thought there would be D: I'm just now learning rigging. I saw tutorials on Physique and Skin, and even somewhat got my mesh rigged, but it was a long drawn out process and it didn't even look good in the end. But because there's not really any tutorials for 3ds max, specifically for SL. I was having difficulties figuring out how to rig it with 3ds max. D: Skin Wrap can actually be imported without a problem in SL though?
  10. Spibe

    Rigged Mesh Upload Issue

    Blender has an addon script that allows you to copy the weights from the SL model that you modeled off of. As far as I'm aware, I don't think 3ds Max has one.
  11. Spibe

    Rigged Mesh Upload Issue

    It worked! Thank you so much! Now I just have to make it not giant. I scaled the tiny body to match the size of my model that I uploaded from 3ds max, since it was scaled correctly in 3ds max. I'm assuming I might need to scale it back down to its tiny size?
  12. I'm a 3ds Max user, and I'm having to learn Blender just to rig a mesh. It's all confusing. I've successfully rigged a mesh within blender. Posing the parts around it looks all good. When I upload it into Second Life, I get this crazy deformation issue, along with the inability to upload it into SL anyway. The first picture is what it looks like when I uploaded it. (I even included the model in the upload so if you look closely, you can see the avatar to get a better understanding of the deformation. In blender the dress is attached to the avatar, but when its uploaded it deforms and detaches from the avatar as you can see. I used a combination of a few tutorials to do this. It turns out one of those tutorials was outdated. I'm using the most up to date version of blender. I used this tutorial to match the rigging. I'm looking for the simplest way to rig a piece, and since it seemed to rig correctly in blender, I would be happy if I can find a way to get this to work right. Or even better find a 3ds max equivalent of a simple way to rig. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kh6RBvoGo-E I'm just not sure if I might have skipped steps or something, since I'm unfamiliar with blender. I saw another tutorial for an outdated version. Where they clicked "Make Real" but with the version I'm using... there is no "Make Real" option. Also... maybe it's an issue with the collada itself? I'm not sure. Anyone know this problem?
  13. I want to cycle a sitting animation. I have 3 animations I want to cycle and they are all different times. Can this be done? I'm hoping it can at least be done with proper scripting right? Animation 1: Priority 4. Looped 2.87 seconds .3s In .3s Out Animation 2: Priority 4. Looped 6 seconds .3s In .3s Out Animation 3: Priority 4. Looped 12 seconds .3s In .3s Out Does this look right? I'm also looking for the best AO template to load them into. (Edit: I've also tried just using the animations in the default AO and set the cycling to 12s. I'm assuming due to the ease in/out, it's making my avatar jump between each animation. Because instead of easing into the next animation, it keeps easing in and out of the default sit animation for the .6 seconds, and then it cycles properly to the next animation. How do I make it ease into my custom animation as opposed to the default sit animation that isn't even a part of the cycle?)
  14. Thank you. I'll try it out n.n
  15. Hello. I use Qavimator. I was wondering if there is a way to merge multiple animations into one. I'm not sure if I have an outdated version of Qavimator and if there is one that will allow you to do it. For example. Let's say I'm making an animation and then have the body sway in one direction, and want to mimic the actions to make it sway in the other direction. As it stands, I'd have to create a new animation and mirror it. Then I'd have to go to each frame and manually put in the numbers into the original unmirrored animation. Or use the alternative of editing the BVH's text in a notepad. I'm aware that you can place two animations within Qavimator to animate simultaneously. But as far as I'm aware, you cannot copy the frames of one animation to the other. Anybody know of any posibilities? I also would consider downloading another program, just to merge the animations and re-upload them to QAvimator. So I wouldn't mind suggestions on programs that allow merging animations, so long as they can be simply uploaded back into Qavimator.
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