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  1. Hi All :) I'm having a problem when rezzing and moving my furniture in my new land. I never saw that before. What happens is that (as you can see in the image below) when I try to move furniture I just rezzed the move arrows are not alligned with the object which makes moving furniture a pain. I did a test in a sand box and did not have a problem there. Any help welcome ! Thanks a lot :)
  2. Got simillar experience, and the inept performance of Firestorm on voice and multimedia (majaor difficulties viewing movies or losing sound). The viewers from them have never been very coherent in quality. - Emerald : banned from sl as it was used for a DOS (Denial of Service attack) - Phoenix : very good - Firestorm : laggy, crashy, mutimedia not working well, **bleep**ty voice Someone told me that in the people that developed Firestorn there were aslo teenagers. Sorry but I can't trust them.
  3. When I try to use Safari and Firstorm same time (I have osx Lion too) Firestorm crahses. I don't have the issue with google chrome or firefox
  4. I have a mac book and firestorm. Every time I tried to upload an image, picture firestorm crashed. But not always. I noted that the pics that I could upload had only carachters in the file name, with now spaces. For example a pic called "pic 1" would crash the viewer. But if I renamed the pic to "Picone" it would upload well Hope it helps
  5. Hello :) I wish to buy a macbook pro with the Nvidia GeForce GT 650M graphic card. Does it work for Second Life ? I have not seen that graphic card in the list of compatible graphic cads. Thanks
  6. Hi :) I wish to buy a macbook pro with the AMD Radeon HD 6770M graphic card. I have not seen it in the requirements for Mac so can anybody tell me if that grapgic card runs SL ? Thanks !
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