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  1. I Agree with Lindal, Try using Firefox or Chrome
  2. Firestorm dont have that Gesture Pop Up Column... If you want that feature try using Singularity Viewer. http://singularityviewer.org/
  3. How to change your preferences to view adult content Even if your account is verified to view adult content, you may still need to opt in. You also need to use Viewer version 1.23 or later to access the maturity preferences. Download the latest Viewer. Tip: At the top of your Viewer, you can choose Help > About Second Life to check your Viewer version. Log into Second Life, then follow these steps in the Viewer to set your maturity preferences: Choose Me > Preferences (or Ctrl-P) and click the General tab. Choose General, Moderate, Adult from the I want to access content rated: dropdown menu. Click OK.
  4. Its kinda hard to have a solution to this.. Can you please provide a clear explanation of what problem you are experiencing?
  5. Singularity Viewer still has it. www.singularityviewer.org
  6. Try checking your transaction history on www.secondlife.com
  7. Buying and selling Linden dollars The unit of trade in Second Life is called the Linden dollar or L$. You can purchase Linden dollars both inworld and online on the LindeX. To buy Linden dollars in the Second Life Viewer, click the BUY L$ button next to your current Linden dollar balance. In the BUY L$ window, simply enter the number of Linden dollars you want to buy and click Buy Now. Buying Linden dollars inworld yields the same value as a market buy on the Second Life website.
  8. Well, It depends if she/he wants to pay you in L$ or via RL Money like paypal
  9. If you use your Credit Card in buying Lindens L$ then yes you will be charged with real life money. But if you work inworld like Ansariel said you can earn L$ without using your RL Money . You can be a Host, DJ, Land Agent, Photographer etc..
  10. I agree with Cin. Dont use IE it sucks up on most websites.
  11. What Browser are you using? Try Firefox or Safari and see if the problem goes away.
  12. Exodus or Singularity both are smooth and less lag http://exodusviewer.com/ http://www.singularityviewer.org/
  13. Like Lindal said, Try using NVIDIA Im using it and it works perfectly
  14. Im not sure if you can get back your previous homestead. Pricing for Homesteads is as follows: Setup fee of $375 Monthly fee of $125 http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Homestead-Regions/ta-p/846139
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