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  1. Hello friends, I am here just to ask you about the current state of the abuse reports Second Life, for long a resident is griefing, threatening and harassing people around as a so normal and commom task, clearly and obviously being reported because his attacks are not so "soft" and funny, impossible to tolerate, minutes ago I was griefed by it resident and ofended in extreme (i already filled the AR and holding the image of the attack as evidence), but it is not the 1st time that people say that reports of abuse do not seem to be being read or that nothing more is going on with griefers in Second Life, I would like to hear from you on this topic. thank you very much.
  2. the same is happening to me right now ... i cant do anything because i have no time to using any options crashing 3 seconds after the login, my avi without any reasons started wearing all my inventory, including houses, cars, big prims etc, objects that clearly are not part of any of my outfits, i was just editing a object on floor when it start happening, i was using the Firestorm Viewer.
  3. same here :matte-motes-dont-cry:
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