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  1. I wanna say this to those who claim mesh lags people .. FYI everything in any graphical game is a form of mesh .. just saying the reason why you may experience lag is because of several reasons 1.) your graphics card is old and needs upgrading 2.) your on a pc with integrated graphics .3) your on a old pc and don't want to upgrade it ..4.) the creator who uploaded it didn't optimize the mesh . also many too many think 1024x1024 textures make their objects look better but it doesn't so it might just be your getting texture lag ..if a texture is done right it can look great at 512x512 and you would not notice any differancde between a 512x512 than a 1024x1024.. but then everything depends on size for example if it is a small object you can go a bit smaller for it to.. So just saying that Mesh lags you do some homework
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