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  1. I have however solved it by changing the kinematics. And I was glad I can start doing the weighting tool on the mesh. However, after few times of uploading and reediting again the skin weightfor the mesh, I still have no hope of getting what i want. the last i uploaded was the dress mesh. I add to my wear and the mesh were all over the place, which means distorted. How can I fix this? I'm using the skeleton which i got from Marketplace, Standard Sizing Package.
  2. Hai all, I need a very good tutorial or an easy one that is on how to rig a mesh dress in maya 2013 before I upload it to secondlife. I have made a nice dress from marvelous designer 3 and changed the vertices to quad mesh using autodesk maya. However, when I tried to import a skeleton the points have become messy and there were like distorted big rounded points and the shapes which i have downladed from standard shapes from Marketplace were not in place. Below is the picture to show to all what I mean. Is there anyone who can help in assisting on what's going on with it? or what is the approp
  3. Best way to clean Nirans is type nirans in search on computer and everything will come out... straightaway delete it.
  4. Tysm for the other thread. Now I thanked God cos it's not my viewer problem cos I tried everything. So I hope they settled it soonest!
  5. There isnt any connection to LM or picks anything like it. As far as I know I never had this problem before. laggy sims are usual for me but empty club when there's actually lotsa ppl chatting away is unusual for me. despite the facts that I have done clean installation, clear caches ... This is my third time having problem on the same sim...
  6. I'm having problems as I stepped in to beachwood sim. When I tpd myself there, I thought I'm alone in that region. but the chat starts up with other avatars typing away and greeted me... but neither could I see any avatars nor even any newcomers who just tpd in. I did a clean install even but nothing works. Now, what am I supposed to do?
  7. Is the last name ever gonna work out or no? I have alt with resident as last name (which is auto) it looks wierd... somewhat like a permanent code to be in sl... I love my older account with a last name. although it took me awhile to think of a good name but it worth my time. if SL still gonna think it over it is well appreciated. I have friends with resident as last name and they asked me how to change it i said they can do a display name and I have explained as such why now SL take up resident as last name permanently... what they have told me that it is ridiculous becos they wanna have a u
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