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  1. send me a im if you need a progeny ring wear it and it detects who in the area has a progeny hud so if they sneak up to you within 1.5m you know what they are up to although i fear if you have been standing around lots they might have turned you into a shade by now and you wont need the ring cause they will no longer have any interest in biting you
  2. i recently had my soul traded my great liege trixxi starr ( excuse name dropping ) went and got it right back for me dont know how she did it, but she did tell me she had to trade another soul for it which i was troubled with cause i dont want my liege having to lose another soul to get mine can you not drop the having to trade a soul rule electrum is expensive if you are buying it should not have to lose a soul aswell, also this is going to sound like a naff idea but i thought of asking my liege to get soul back by destroying me then resurect myself so my liege could then get my soul out of
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