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  1. Thanks for the tip Zeta Thanks Hippie and Sonja!! Thinkerer, thanks for the link!! I can read, write and speak English but I am not good thats all, I play another game...Got laughed for my poor grammar on the forums...LOL That was funny Rob, maybe I should buy that avatar LOL Thanks Emmett!! Bethany what kind of school?? Thanks Calli, whats is D3?? School?? I'll check it out!!
  2. Hello people, My name is Iamnothereorthere :D I am bored and I have no one to talk with, I am mostly inworlds alone travelling place to place and doing nothing, not even sure why I even log on sl -_- I would like to meet new friends..... share, learn, talk with them, I am kind of shy person... but once I get to know a person, I am fine :) I am funny at times and I can be sarcastic too..Please IM me if you want to know me :) Waiting to talk with you ^_^ I am not in-worlds at the moment because I have to log out now I'll be back in 4-5 hours :) Sorry for my horrible English, but I am trying to i
  3. I am kind of new here... I would surely like to try roleyplay. But I don't know how! I have visited roleplaying sim but I am totally confused... I don't seem to understand whats going around.... So how to do it????? Any tips, suggestions would help me a lot! Thanks!! Sorry for my bad english :/
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