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  1. I am seeking a person that has a good understanding of timing and speed scripting to write a full system on a drag strip to include in an elimination board I have many examples already set up and full details of how this system needs to work and perform feel that it should be fairly simple for someone that understands scripting well please reply to me in world also send a note card as many times my Ims are capped.*not afraid of paying good money * devilsnake2 Resident
  2. ★ ═══════ Syniss Motorsports Raceway ═══════ ★ presents 7/3/21 ░░░░░ GasserSeries ! ░░░░ 1K starting pot!. 3pm Pratice *On The Short Track* .5 Lights with a Sportman Style System Index 7.0 ★150 Entry Fee ★ TQ 75 3PM Practice 4pm Qualifications Track Record Kristoff Biel:Reaction time:0.043168 ET:7.000108 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Winterfell%20Mountain/221/79/3901
  3. themed 1930's to 1950's contest start at 4 pm with contest ever 2 hours come swing and bop with us Buzz Bucket
  4. ..::*Redneck Paridice*::.. Ѡe havɨɴg a great party starts 2 Pm SLT ❉DJ line up Today : Skydαηcєr aмoѕ ѕynιѕѕ Katy Salvitor ❉ Playing: .CLASSIC ROCK ,Southern Rock,country No Lose Sploder load by owner ever hour Trivia $5 ever correct answer Redneck Paridice Money Giver Ever 10 min just for wearing the group tag. Gift Card Give 1K to KC COUTURE ❉I promɨse to you the Ɓest DJs, Ɓest Musɨc and Ɓest ƤɑrTy @*Redneck Paridice*
  5. Linden Giveaways (thousands), free gifts for all. The best of DJ's and host's SecondLife has to offer. 1K gift cards to .:KC Couture: given away ever hour ! 4pm til midnight SLT This an event you won't want to miss!
  6. *Redneck Paradice* Rock,Southern Rock,country We are seeking only the best dJ'S & Host,stop by our location to grab an application.Applications can be found just inside of the front door on the wall Apply Here from where you are now : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfYtnZNcEa-2aapHGOJ3J-8tlQ9Aq5k72g3bMOB8gOqpqPJ2g/viewform https://secondlife.com/my/community/events/event.php?id=8132132 *Redneck Paradice*
  7. Rock,Southern Rock,country We are seeking only the best dJ'S & Host, over 9 years of experience in second Life with clubs this will be the next hottest club in second Life. Do you have what it takes to be part of the team, stop by our location to grab an application and fill it out and we'll give you an interview and see if you have what it takes We do pay and don't expect you to make it just off your tips Applications can be found just inside of the front door on the wall http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fawns/84/76/22 Redneck Paradice All shift between these hours to receive pay the club must be in your pick's NO EXCEPTIONS ! Mon 2 pm -10 pm Tue 2 pm -10 pm Wed 2 pm -10 pm Thu 2 pm -10 pm Fri 4 pm-10 pm Sat 4 pm-10 pm Sun special events All times are SLT. Pay is $150
  8. The sun is shining in Redneck Paridisce' you're free and clear to get wild and rock all nigh. Politically correct we are not ; so get over it ! Cause no ones uptight in Redneck Paridice. * Free Group Gift For All * Music powered by: Z 91
  9. SL's most exciting new Club to inspire, indulge and ignite your senses http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Rivata/178/178/45
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