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  1. LOL!!! Well there are sex clubs you can get into. Some are difficult due to needed testing before-hand, however, when you come out clean, you can go to these clubs and have fun. I am more interested frankly in how you behave and what your expectations are. Giving someone you have feelings for or love permission to sleep around because its 'just sex', I think that speaks to the fact of how insecure you are and what you have to offer. I think you're realizing that its really never, 'just sex.' There is no such thing as No Strings Attached sex; someone is getting something, losing something, inte
  2. Are any of the games that women play romantic games with classic elements that define femininity and masculinity? I don't think so. I'm not really on board with the whole classic elements of women and men in general so I don't tend to play games that reflect those romantic gender roles. How do females evaluate guys/gals in the gaming environs? Well, I personally think that guys can be serious jerks when gaming. I like to play with mostly females, otherwise I keep my gender to myself when I can. Rick
  3. There are many businesses you can chose from. Many of these businesses you can start with small amount of capital, it all depends. You might consider importing products from overseas. There are still great deals to be found. Act as a middle man for some local shops to get what they need. I did it is works for us. Rick
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