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  1. It happens alot. Just be patient. Not a hard answer...sorry its not long enough Love from Amy
  2. Its very hard to find places to rent for that price. I was looking for the same thing. I had to ask my sister where her store was and that is when I got lucky. 1. Where Log on to secondlife and go your map (not the mini map). After that, type in the box (3 boxes down) Exploration Island. Sometimes you land underneath the floor so you can ask me for a landmark. 2. What now You then pick a small building to rent. You then look for the bag that says pay me 50$L a wk . When you have found that right click it and selec 'Pay'. You then pay it 50L$ or more (depends how long you want it for) .
  3. its a lovely picture. How do you enter the photo of the day?
  4. There is a possibility that you may not payed the tier correctly 1. Finding out if you still own land Go on this website and just 'Buy Land' (dont worry you dont need to pay anything) at the side there should be an icon saying 'Land Manager' , click that and then click 'My Mainland' or 'My Regions' (depending on what you bought before) it will tell you if you have bought any land or not. 2. What next? If it says you havent bought any land (which you have) then you need to make sure you payed you'r tier payment on time and the right amount. If you havent for some reason then that may be th
  5. I have kids on secondlife and it is a great experience in secondlife. The best way is to either get the hud Mama Allpa or Potterbilt (I like Mama Allpa). You would need a bf/husband or a ny guy to get you pregnant (they need the male hud if using mama allpa). Mama Allpa gives you a free prim baby, but its better to get a zooby baby or funsies or something. You can also go to the happy birthday clinic you need an onduty **bleep** to get you pregnant but if you go downstairs you can get pregnant without. Or you can just adopt a child in secondlife. Hope it helps, Amy Cooke
  7. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Stepping-Stones-Kit/257012 best i can do
  8. Hmmm no sorry, where did you get this picture from? I will have a look and give a link If you cant find them anywhere then that means that.... (1) The stepping stones have stopped being sold for a particular reason. It could be that the owner didnt make enough money or somthing as my sister is thinking of closing her shop down because of that popular reason. (2) It may be that the item is not/no longer on the marketplace, maybe just in-world. (3)You may not be using the right key words , maybe try something more like it, something like magical pathway. Try and find the owner of that item
  9. Hi, I was wondering if anyone needed help, if they do, just reply or IM me in the SL world or leave me a NC. I want to make everybody a happy secondlife citizen.
  10. Dont worry, its simple. All you have to do it wait about 1-10 minutes for it to arrive, if its not came still, iyou have to go and find the owner of the store you bought that product for and you need to IM them or leave a NC or something. The owner will then redeliver it to you for free. If cant find the owner go on the item you bought and click 'Review Item' and say what happened there. Soon the owner will have a look at the reviews and get in contact with you. If still not get the product tell the owner and tell them to test it, as store owner you will know how to do it. Tell them to make
  11. I used to be a vampire, but I gave up in roleplay like that as I started my own buisness. I will be more than happy to find people I know that is/wanting to be a vampire. I will IM you if I get anyone.
  12. Hi, I giggled a little when i saw you made a forum about chit chat as it is not exactly what a forum is! But forget all that! I will be more than happy to hang out with you but I am a little bit of a chatter box! Ohwell then see you!
  13. hi, I would love to help your clan expand but sadly I am in a clan and not really ready to move into another clan, but I do have about 10 people wanting to be a vampire and I think they will enjpy your clan.. :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2
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