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  1. Merigold, I loved your response as well as the others, Ive not let this take me down, and it defanantly was nothing to do with him having that alt account, it was the way he went about it, I probably wouldnt even had minded him having it, however he came in as that other person, he told me that the guy i was having feelings for was in the hospital in rl of course and that he had gotten hurt from a fall and his blood preasure was up,, hmm ok, i sat worried to death for over a week wondering what happened to him and if he was ok, when this guy told me this i checked out his profile, realized alot of characteristics were the same in the wording that was written in the profile itself, locations of fav places were the same and age in rl was there as well basically written the same way, I approached this guy about it and for days went on like that listening to him tell me that the other was stil in the hospital, finally i told him id had enough that i knew it was him and of course it gets admitted and so yes thats why i was so hurt and upset, it was the lies. I dont sit in sl 24 hours a day and I have a rl that i attend to as we all do, I do use sl as just that,,, second life, however each person behind these avatars has feelings and no matter in rl or a virtual world, when you are lied to and hurt by someone you feel hurt and become untrusting. As I said, your message stood out to me and I thank you for that as well as all the others who responded. I have learned to open my eyes more and I will carry on in sl, its a lesson lived in sl and very much LEARNED.
  2. Having an alt account is not the problem, the problem is being lied to and not over the alt account, its a matter of being more careful with the ones who say they love you, I havent a issue with the alt account, however finding out the hard way there was an alt account did hurt, its amazing what some people will go to just to have tons of partners online yet try to hide it.
  3. While my other thread was deleted for exposing two names of the people within second life that hurt me, needless to say I shall try again,,,,,without the names. More so because I really think people need to be more aware of the ones that they begin to really care about or have a relationship with. Dont judge them but do be more careful and do question things that dont seem quite right with that person, I found out the hard way and just found out that the person I cared so much about has an alt account and that ive been lied to for weeks now by the same person. Its hard lessons as such that make us more careful of who we interact with more personally in second life and I now will be more careful and not let a numpty like that cause me to walk away from what I do really enjoy in this virtual land. Again I just say its best to keep an eye out and when you feel its not right then get to the bottom of it. If this thread gets deleted then it should be violation on sl not me, ive mentioned no names this time in my thread nor have I violated any TOS rules.
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