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  1. So my friend and I often like to go to this sim and occasionally my avatar will completely vanish from his view. It'll say I left his chat range, I am not on the minimap even though I can still post and chat with him and still be shown nearby in the list of avatars. As far as I'm aware I'm still visable to others but is it something wrong with me or them?
  2. So I'll leave this up here finding the solution. I tried to move my eyes from their original spot to be in position with my head. So I edited my shape to move the eyes as close as I could to my head and moved my head into position. Kinda a pain to do but hopefully this helps anyone who stumbled onto this with the same issue!
  3. So I'll let this little picture do most of the talking... But I have been having issues fitting the eyes into the head. It's the Bull Terrier head from PAWS and the eyes are from the maker of the mod for the skin I'm using. The mod is for the kemono avatar and I can't get the eyes to stay still in the head. Any help? https://gyazo.com/e1284de8719f4a483ad540e7b838d69c
  4. Namestop

    parcel is too full?

    I keep getting a message saying parcel is too full in my house when I try and place stuff down, long story short I don't have any parcel it seems to place next to anything down. Is there anyway I can see what is taking all my partical space? I mean my house is next to bare and I am getting pestered about not being able to place a lot of the things I buy down in my house anymore.
  5. I don't remember exactly when this occurred but the eyes from most my avatars are glitchin out. Like if you look at them from a distance they ether shrivel up and mash themselves in with the other colors, or they pop out of my avatar's head giving them buggy eyes. I don't remember changing anything when this started happening and they were fine before hand. I also had bought several new avatars and it effects 2 out of three of them. Dose anyone know what's wrong and how I can fix it? I know it isn't just me seeing it because while I was walking around someone asked why my eyes were popping out
  6. Over time my account has for no known reason going into the negitive. I first spotted this a while ago and thought it was harmless. Until I realized I was unable to claim even free items. I didn't pay much mind to it until it went to -$3 from it's original -$1. I got pestered with this and tried to go to the forms to ask and find the reason only to find that the forms wouldn't allow me to sigh in. I logged onto second life to see if I could log on and I logged on without any problem. I asked my friend and he had no clue as well and simply paid me $3 which made me break even and for a few days
  7. I am over 18 and the account is as well and I can go onto the store and set the filter to adult and see and buy adult items easily and have no problem. Yet when I go to the game the settings only have general and mature. No adult setting whatso ever. I also can't even retreave my adult items I have purchised. Can anyone help me out?
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