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  1. Thank you you have all been so helpful! I have searched my inventory for the avatar but can't find it, I do have a nice ne one now though and having lots of fun dressing up etc. I am loving sl, it's good fun! Next step is getting my own place....don't worry though I won't attempt that just yet, lol X
  2. Hi all well i did find the outfits I bought and can waer them which is great but cant find the avatar I bought, I have just purchased a new one which is in my inventory, opened unpacked etc..I still have no idea whatever happened to the first one but thank you all so much for helping me...now I have a new problem...I have been just a cloud for half an hour!lol Thanks again x
  3. Hi, yes it was complete so am hoping when I log in later I will look as beautiful as the picture! So If I already have skin, shape clothes hair etc I need to click replace? Or am I better off getting nude and starting from scratch?
  4. Thank you so much for your replies! I was up until 1am last night trying to do it until I eventually gave up! I will log back in later and see if I can follow yr instructions...I think if I ever do find them there will b loads of them as I opened and copied so many times lol so if I find the skin and shape and click replace I will look like the avatar I bought? Do I need to do the hair and make up etc as well or will it just all appear complete? Or am I expecting way too much? Lol It was a noya complete avatar which said could be copied I will let you know how I get on later Fingers crossed! X
  5. Hi all I am very new to sl so please bear with me. I bought a new avatar last night as my student avatar I signed up with was a bit boring, I also bought 3 new outfits all before logging in. I logged in, I found my items in boxes at the top right of my screen, found a sandbox to open them and did everything I had read I needed to do...I think. Dragged box to ground, clicked open, copied to inventory then clicked wear....nothing happened! I repeated this several times opening all 4 boxes over and over again, copied blah blah click wear and again I wear a box! I also can't find my new avatar...I have definitely got the outfits but no gorgeous new avatar I was hoping for. I don't understand what I need to do and I am really upset I spent 1000 and can't do anything with any of it. I really wish this part was more simple! Please can someone help me? I have contacted the avatar maker to explain I can't find it but think it may be gone forever and worse still the avatar I do have wont even wear the outfits I bought... Please don't send me a link on opening boxes, that part I have done so many times..I just don't understand when I click wear after copying to my inventory I still get a box stuck to me It's driving me mad!,, Thanks in advance for help :(
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