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  1. hi,thank you for yr reply...curently im on ATI so the nvidia now is out of question ...the issue i have altho is the same with both cards,aboslutely no difference...i curently use firestorm,last release

    when i started my blog,in january,i was ussing viewer 3 from that time,wich i have no clue what version is,the thing i know is i tried to use an older version of V3 and it didnt let me go in untill i upgraded to the last version..so basicly LL force me to use their newest version..

    older versions of viewers that DONT support mesh,wont help me anyway :(

    for my ati card now,i have installed the latest driver..

    on nirans,i have the same issue i have on others..edges are not smooth..

    i have tried exodus too,unfortunetly is verry unstable with mesh,like wont load or simply "explode" on screen

  2. Hey everyone,i have a major issue with my Pc(or at least i suppose its Pc fault) for few months now.I am a blogger and of course i need to make most of my pics in ultra mode ussing shadows..but for some reason(even in high) the avi simply wont appear smooth,it looks like the antialising is disabled or set to verry low and the image gets verry verry poor in ultra.. thing is,when i first got my new Pc(1yr ago) everything was fine,after a few updates of Sl viewer,things started to get messy..so i tried to play on other viewers (fire,phoenix,singularity,nirans etc) but they all have the same issue when i try to do my work..then i decided to change my video card,as i was sure this is the issue.. i had gigabyte-nvidia-geforce-gts-450-1024mb-gddr5-128bit-dvi-hdmi-pci-e--pN450-1GI and now i bought sapphire/radeon-hd6850-1gb-ddr5-256-bit and GUESS WHAT? i have the same issue!! My other pc components will be : intel-174-coretm-i5-2500k-sandybridge-3300mhz-6mb-socket-1155-box--pBX80623I52500K_S_R008 ,4G of rams and gigabyte-h67m-ud2h-b3-socket-1155--pH67M-UD2H-B3 as a mother board,and i run windows 7 ultimate,64bit.Does anyone have ANY clue,of what posibily be the issue? I really need help so i can continue doing a good job with my blog,wich means a lot to me :-) Thank you in advance

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