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  1. Hi every time i try to change my Linden home the control page is empty and i can not even open my blinds or change anything
  2. thanks for all your help i have gone on to support case guess i will just have to wait now , but thanks to everyone for your help :-)
  3. Hi the land is mine and when i go to a sandbox i can rez and change my clothes i can not change my clothes or hair on my land thanks for youe help
  4. Hi and ty for your help I have my group tag on i have enuff prims there is no message when i try and rez things out
  5. Hi and thanks for your help But no it's not that i have enuff prims and i have my group tag on and there is no message when i try and rez Thanks Cyd
  6. Hope someone can help I own the land so it's not that , I have cleared my cache so not that i am lost as to what it can be other than Sl itself or maybe something so easy i forgot lol hope someone can help thanks :) OK so i went to a sandbox to see if i could rez and i can, can not even change my clothes on my land???
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