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  1. lol I know you do just a random thought
  2. What would we all do if Second Life crashed/ the company went bust? How would we all cope?
  3. Yes I have and it is brilliant Another one that is really useful is My Avatar, My Self. Thanks for the suggestion though!
  4. I'm so sorry if you feel i wasn't honest with you at first, i thought by the nature of the question that you will assume that it was research. I completely undersatnd if you would not want to asnwer these questions and i would never use any direct information from these forums without first consulting with the person who posted the comment. Im generally interested as well as doing research. I'm sorry if you have felt like you have been researched for years. Its a complicated subject and i realise that i need to be more transparent with my questions. Again I apologise if i have offended you
  5. Yes it is research for my undergraduate dissertation. My question is: To what extent does the digital world affect the virtual self. Before I generally used SL for entertainment and it wasn't till i spoke to a few people where they told me of how their SL selves were affecting their RL's that i became interested in this and wanted to explore it for my dissertation. I'm just interested if anyone else has had these experiences or whether they don't see a difference in their SL selves and their RL selves.
  6. I was interested in whether you felt your avatar or (virtual self) was any different to your real self sat at your computer screen. By the sounds of your post you don't seem to think that there is much difference apart from apperence from your "real" self and your "virtual" self. Do you ever find you do things or say things with your Avi that you wouldn't normally do or say in RL? Or do things that you have never done in RL but have tried them in SL then beacuse of this done them in RL?
  7. Is your Secondlife identity any less “real” than your real world identity? If many of us are logging hundreds of hours with our Secondlife avatars (virtual identity), what impact does it have on our “real” identity? In other words does the time spent in Secondlife carry over/impact when you leave that virtual setting? I’m interested in hearing how you see your identities (real, Virtual and the intersection between these two) are being impacted by Secondlife. Do you find your virtual identity to be as “real” in some ways as your non virtual identity? How does one inform the other?
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