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  1. is any problem with voice chat?a friend of mine can t connected to voice chat even tried to login from 2 different computers. this happened the last week before that she hadn t any problem
  2. how to upload many items at one single folder in marketplace? i guess it easy but i don t know to do it..anyone can help me? i know that but when i go to marketplace in my merchant home in the list all items are seperate are not in a folder..so what can i do to put them all in one?
  3. i can t upload mesh in second life.my payment info is ok i did the IP tutorial so i have rights to upload..the mesh is collada file so i don t understand why i can t...can someone help me?is the problem has to do with the viewer or sth else? when i find the mesh in my computer and put it in the form i don t see in the level of detail any tick at the right of high medium low etc..and if i press calculate weights and fee it comes message that tell that i haven t enough money but i haven t such a problem..so that why i ask if it has to do with the viewer
  4. anyone knows why i can t send items to my store in marketplace??is temporary the problem?
  5. depp7


    A friend of mine purchase rokuro from in-world store and get the password but she don t know how to use it..does anyone know where to put in the programm?please if anyone knows help me its important.
  6. i upload items in marketplace but after a few days or weeks become unavailable and they removed from marketplace. i do al the steps right the products are normally sent to the buyers..what s happening?can someone check database ?or can anyone help me to find solution? the same happen to a friend of mine
  7. http://stuffpoint.com/index.php?r=103382
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