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  1. LOL ! yeah its not crazy noticeable but it bothers me since when I first try them on they are perfectly straight. Also when I take pictures I notice it alot but thats probably cause I know it's there... Sometimes they'll be crooked from the ends where you can really notice it. Right now its the bottom of the brows but in the front if that makes any sense. I don't use diff versions of my shape but ill deff check the sliders
  2. So i've noticed that everytime I purchase new eyebrow appliers for my catwa bento head they always seem straight & perfect at first then as time goes by they end up being "crooked' ? I have no idea what causes this. I've tried it all, from changing the shape, to eye shape, brow size, checking the eyeshadow appliers, clearing the eyebrows & re applying, ive tried rebaking , ive tried using both lower and upper layers & nothing seems to work how can I fix this ? thanks in advanced <3 Here's a picture of the eyebrows, the inner corner of the brows is what looks off & not a straight line across
  3. So about a week ago, I switched viewers. I noticed that some of my items in my inventory were gone. Only the folder of the clothes with the LM & NC only were there. I tried so many methods & nothing seems to get them back. I tried clearing cache, rebooting, re-logging to the older viewer, clearing that cache, followed some methods that are posted in here that people might have the same problem with, &still nothing has appeared. I've given it maybe a little more than a week to see if it was just SL doing it's thing, giving time to see if my items would return. & still nothing. Can I please have a solution for this, it's been bugging me for days. Thank You, LindaSpice
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