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  1. Muito Obrigado , meu Problema foi Resolvido eu Abaixei o DriveEasy é Achei os Problemas, agora estou jogando Second Life Normalmente Obrigado, a todos!
  2. The Hello My Name is Video Card: NV IDIA GeForce 7300 GT (Microsoft Corporation -WDDM) is no way you can pass the link DriverEasy! Thank want Updates, Please.
  3. But All, my drivers are updated, according to my computer I do not know what to do! I am Brazilian but I'm using google translator There is a video explaining how to fix this error?
  4. Hello I've been having some problems with My Second Life He is having a error withDrive Video card more, all drives are Updated! Print one to show my error I think the cardis not compatible more years ago I played second life back now I want more I can nothelp me? please Do not know if it be all right because I used the "Google Tra... [IMG]http://i47.tinypic.com/jzdz7d.png[/IMG]
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