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  1. There should not be any banlines on any mainland continent. Security Orbs should give a minimum allowance of 15 Minutes on the land in question (As part of TOS).
  2. Ajay The bandit has actually several gears. Page up several times changes gears to go faster.
  3. Hi this inspired me to write a rather long blogpost as an answer to the subject and publish it on the company blog. It is not one of my adult blogs and is safe for work (Yes, I do have clean sites too). Find it here: IS SECOND LIFE A PLAYGROUND FOR VIRTUAL SEX?
  4. Active especially on weekends with different accounts. My SL business is part of my RL business.
  5. There is no such thing as races within the specie homo sapiens. Race is a social (and political) construct, not a biologial condition. Just sayin.
  6. One thing I still did not get: Will it be possible to replace the user name with Name+Last Name, or is this an addition to the user name? My user name is "carolinestravels" , my display name is Caroline Resident. Resident used to be one of the old last names actually, that means it will not be available as a last name. So what option will be on offer? 1. carolinestravels + whateverlastnameIchose 2. Caroline + whateverlastnameIchose I would go for the second option if available (would be even better if I could get: Caroline Resident to replace carolinestravels Option one is just lame. In that case I rather stick to current user and display name. Anyone can shed some light on this please?
  7. Geh in die Suche und gib ein: M.A.C. Steht für Magic Angels Club und ist ein Deutscher Musik Club. Freitag und Samstag Abends immer gut was los, meist sogar mit live DJs Mich findest du da auch recht regelmäßig.
  8. I have seen them all as part of the job. Aeros is clearly my favorite. Best feature is: You can give access to the hud to a partner and to the Rawage bed for automated positioning. Also looks very realistic. The hud is at first somewhat complicated and not very noob friendly.
  9. Hello 52 here. Ok, that was an outing actually. When I am not busy with my adult media business (avid blogger). I am Into clubs, music venues, sailing, flying planes, exploring the grid..that sort of entertainment, some shopping but not excessively. And you could have my boyfriend temporarily, if you wanted 🙂 May I watch idc?
  10. And what for ? Who want's to sail in a skybox?
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