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  1. The ones that start with foreplay and end with climax are my favorites but I do friends with benefits too.
  2. I am an ALT of a main, but became the main. Other then the two of us, we have various sisters. All of them live a different Second Life. Different Friends, different jobs/purpose, different behaviour and so on. Main: CEO of SLA Media and ex escort girl. Writes about her adventures since ages. Now starting a new project, writing about blogging as such as well as about how to market a blog and make money with it.. I write about the active ALTS as well: A. *****ty mature Lady in her late 40ties, working as a waitress to make some tips (she doesn't need much money). Mainly discovering and researching very naughty and kinky stuff in Second Life, the stuff people would talk about in hushed voices. B. Young sassy girl working in our customer service department at SLA Media. She got once seduced and drawn into our escort business, but then left it. Not her thing. Instead mentores noobs about sex in Second Life and does adult region reviews (especially hotels). Has a bit of a thing for married guys. C. Black very hot escort girl. Does sex only if she gets paid well for it. Has all the bells and whistles guys would expect. D. New girl. Somebody gifted this exteremly well done avatar to me. She will be working in sales at SLA Media. Part time bar keeper as well. E. Teenager. Thats what I do, living several lifes, not just a second one.
  3. Can you recommand one? I am actually thinking about a revamp of my virtual self.
  4. Samantha, I am jalouse now. I never made it to be featured on "Virtual Secrets". How does one get on there, a little *****storm would certainly increase the traffic of my website- I did find a long argument/verbal fight about you wanting them to take something off the site. But I could not fiquere out what it actually was, that made you that angry. Oh, and contact me inworld if you want, people with a reputation are interesting people (to me at least). Nice girls go to heaven, bad ones anywhere.
  5. Hi Tucksim, you are into the family thing, or are you simply looking for guys, interested to get to know you, without having sex in mind? The term "date" actually leaves sex as an option...eventually. /me looks confused What typically helps to make friends, or even dates is finding out what activity you really like, join relevant groups and socialize. Guess you have heard that before, but it really does work. I find that the typicall romantic dating places evolved into more the "lets go to my place pick up places" nowadays. Nothing wrong with that, but obviously not your intention. What are your slobbies? Mine are sailing and flying planes. I have met cool people in those realms (without sleeping with them). If you wann try that give me a call and I introduce you.
  6. Hi I just recently opened an inworld group for bloggers to meet and exchange ideas. You find it when searching for "sla media bloggers". Also the SLA Media office inworld is a place for bloggers to meet up or hanf out. I will occasionally do courses on topics such as wordpress, SEO, marketing... /me points to signature
  7. Folks She meant home as in family, or getting married not an actual house. /me sighs
  8. Ok, Sounds like this is pretty easy to setup. I went there and was wondering why it is number one under the keyword sex.
  9. Hello fellow Residents: A litte review of a region who apparently uses a lot of bots to inflate traffic numbers. It is called ****** and comes up on top of the list, if you do a search for places under adult related keywords: [MODERATOR EDIT: Identifying information removed] I thought this was against the rules. Is it not??
  10. Hello the same creator brought a bde version on the market. I did some testing wit that too (don't mind the rat). [NSFW] https://www.second-life-adventures.com/furry-sex-escort/ A lot more animations than the sofa, some really funny ones, some just very hot. Regards
  11. /me waves 40+, German, love sailing, flying planes, poker, live DJ music venus, blogging and other peoples boyfriends.
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