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  1. I updated the Link btw. I am also working on a new post about sophisticated adult places. A list not by traffic but by "quality". Obviously that'd going to be very biased by my own tast, but would appreciate further suggestions for potential "candidates".
  2. Syo, you don't like new input on old discussions? 🙂
  3. Hi I need to quote Jess on that one: Source: http://jessicainsecondlife.com/top-10-most-popular-sex-places-in-second-life/
  4. Excuse me? First of all anyone who responds to her already knows upfront that English is not her native tongue. Hence I think it's fair comment to assume that person will most likly NOT feel annoyed talking to her. It will possibly be someone who is considerate, respectful and patient. Not too bad attributes in my books.
  5. Not sure about this, but have I seen you on our staff list as well? If you are in the SLA Media staff group, you can use the sky penthouse for that (1010m). It has several spots suitable for AFK sex girls including tip jars. Can you emballish a bit on why it was an incredible erotic experience for you?
  6. It depends a lot on the situation I am at an art gallery looking at an interesting peice of art all alone. A well dressed man walks up showing interest for the same piece of art and IM`s me: "Hi, how are you." The last thing I think off is, he wants sex. I am at a yachting club, doing some changes on my little Loonetta. Somebody moors next to my moor and says: "Hi, how are you?" Chances are, we get into a conversation about sailing, blake sea, types of boats and the likes. I am standing seductivelly dressed at a known pick up place and someone says: "Hi how are you?" I would expect him to look for sex. "You have checked my profile I guess", would be my standard answer. Most don't continue the conversation as my profile clearly states that I am in the sex business. Those who continue talking to me usually end up in bed with me against a little contribution to my sl lifestyle. A guy with a use name like krave4it sees me in a M rated club of any kind and says: "Hi, how are you?" I roll my eyes and think, another one of those. The best conversations I had started different though. Typically something down the line: "Hello Caroline, may I ask you something..." or: "Hi Caroline, don't want to bother you, just want to say I love your blog."
  7. Hi All, believe it or not. I need both. I know the idea of those huds is RP. However I do get requests form clients (escort services), specifically asking for me (or any of our other girls) wearing an updated Mama Alpha OR Deciduan. Hence the reason most of our experienced escorts do have both. The guys enjoy trying to breed with a prostitude. No idea why, but hey, he who pays calls the shots - literally. Happended once to me that it actually got me "pregnant". It was a bit of a hazzle to find out who the father was. Deciduan is considerably better.
  8. Send your problems to hell and your diseases go with them. Ain't that difficult.
  9. Give me a call, providing you have payment infos on file.
  10. The ones that start with foreplay and end with climax are my favorites but I do friends with benefits too.
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