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  1. At Sailors Cove East in the blake sea subkontinent several sims are about to be shut down, including "Haseninsel" and St. Martin airport. We made the best out of it and had some good fun yesterday doing a little protest demo on the beach there: [NSFW] Residents are protesting. On a more serious note: Anybody has some background information on this?
  2. Gang bang parties every Sunday starting 1.00 AM SLT, featuring sexy Jessica. Visit the cafe and use her as you please to ***** on her (it’s not mine hud) Participation is free, tips are greatly appreciated though. Event might be canceled if there are not enough participants. Check out the Cafe CumCum website for details and updates. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pinewood%20Island/114/160/4062 Some basic rules for everyone to have fun: Wait for your turn. Jessica will chose who is next. Don’t interfere with the menu when it is not your turn. Sex chat, RP and emotes please keep in open chat . RP/ emoting is optional, you might need your hands. Condoms are optional but encouraged for more realism.
  3. Thanks for all those answers. I will check it out. I also found Maitrey stuff works more or less. Given my business, lingerie MUST fit nicely.
  4. Hello Folks, I recently got a really nice full mesh body and heda for one L$ for one of my ALTs. It is called Jenny from Altamura. I really do like the face that comes with the included shape. Now I have the challenge to find cloth that actually fit her. Before she was using a Maitreya Body. But none of the cloth I have has an Altamura version. Hence where do I find cloth that fit Altamura mesh bodies OR is there a workaround to make other versions work on an Altamura body? Comments appreciated.
  5. Its really difficult to get banned at Orgasms. Certainly not for being a noob or because of your looks. The place is full off ugly noobs. Even to slex in public is totally acceptable there.
  6. Nor did I and I am in the sex business since years. I should have known better. Inspires me. Sounds like a whole new source of income to me. Are there tutorials around?
  7. Hey, stumbled over an old thread of mine whilst checking my keywords in Google. (This thread ranks under "Second Life sex worker) and got a little nostalgic about my initial attempts in the sex business in Second Life. Was fun reading my initial (slightly naiv) assumptions and the old article about doing it for the first time. So much has happen ever since Syo slapped me a little haha OMG I am doing this since more than 5 years now!
  8. Mahala, You will find it very difficult to rank a blog under a blogspot subdomain. Your very first measure to improve Google rankings is to register a domain name and point it to your blog. This doesn't guarantee rankings, but would be a first step in the right direction.
  9. 1. Google Search (SEO), my main source of traffic. 2. Reddit, certain adult related subs do very well. 3. Twitter, having 1500 follower it's not really that dead. Will restart on Pinterest as well. Used to be very good. I actually started to write about that too: https://slamedia.de/second-life-adult-blogs
  10. Then try Temptations and Maui Swinger Resort (which will be on that list soon as well)
  11. Hi all, People ARE finding SL in Google and on affiliate websites. Linden Lab spends quite a bit of money on online advertising. Mainly in Google Search, the Google Display Network and an Affiliate Programm on www.cj.com . I know so, because: 1. I am one of their many affiliate publishers (next to 3dxchat which makes much me a lot more money than SL ads). 2. I used to work in sales for Google and had insight to ad accounts Here an example of a blogpost where I run SL ads: [NSFW] https://jessicainsecondlife.com/second-life-sex-mentoring-noob-of-the-week/ Another one without explicit adult content (scroll to end to see the advert). https://slamedia.de/second-life-sex Here is how the affiliate program works. http://go.secondlife.com/landing/affiliate/?lang=en On those those noob-stories the ads work well. That's the way I monetize my blogs. Hereunder Example of a Google Ad, followed by my own listings in Google Search Germany. The three entries below the advert (Anzeige) are all from my blogs.
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