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  1. Ok, Sounds like this is pretty easy to setup. I went there and was wondering why it is number one under the keyword sex.
  2. Hello fellow Residents: A litte review of a region who apparently uses a lot of bots to inflate traffic numbers. It is called ****** and comes up on top of the list, if you do a search for places under adult related keywords: [MODERATOR EDIT: Identifying information removed] I thought this was against the rules. Is it not??
  3. Hello the same creator brought a bde version on the market. I did some testing wit that too (don't mind the rat). [NSFW] https://www.second-life-adventures.com/furry-sex-escort/ A lot more animations than the sofa, some really funny ones, some just very hot. Regards
  4. /me waves 40+, German, love sailing, flying planes, poker, live DJ music venus, blogging and other peoples boyfriends.
  5. I was talking about RL. It is called Schizophrenia.
  6. Hello fellow residents, Here some pics taken during a sex session on ´the sofa Nalates mentioned: https://www.second-life-adventures.com/ruckus-lets-smash-couch-sex-animations/ The creator brought a bed on the market as well, which has more and even better animations. I will take pics of that too soon. Upside: Very innovative and imaginative pose combinations, especially for those who like it hard. Downside: Adjusting poses is a bit tricky, and the poses are all just numbered in the menu. If somebody wants to test them IM me. I have got one in an apartment (Skybox).
  7. Not sure about that one. They just use the same body.
  8. Zeta of course ist never 100% accurate. I did actually go to the places, check for signs of bots, looked at how many real people where around. I did that not just ones but several times. Also I did exclude places, which obviously just spammed search results.
  9. I am married too. Why don't we set up a date, the four of us? We love to share. :-)
  10. Hello fellow Residentd, that link isn't working , as I moved the content to another domain: https://www.second-life-adventures.com/top-10-most-popular-sex-places-in-second-life/
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