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  1. carolinestravels

    Help finding active kinky fun in sl

    Hello here is a post about the most popular sex places in Second Life. Maybe there is something for you on it. It is really a bit of everything: AFK dolls, femboys, capture /rape, nude beaches... https://www.second-life-adventures.com/top-10-most-popular-sex-places-in-second-life/
  2. carolinestravels

    New player with some questions

    Not that I know of, but its a great idea for another blogpost! Thanks. Oh, and if you want to "throw an experienced text escort in the mix", contact me!
  3. carolinestravels

    Interview with a Prostitute

    Interview me anytime. In the hot group though.
  4. carolinestravels

    Conversation wtih Dance.

    Dancing is not the foreplay of dating anymore?
  5. carolinestravels

    someone to spoil me

    What what we do without Madelaine?
  6. @ItHadToComeToThis What did you smoke for breakfast?
  7. carolinestravels

    What exactly does SL have over every other platform?

    Size does matter after all.
  8. carolinestravels

    earning money in SL

    Ok I am not sure if I can post that link. The policies here are rather confusing. Try this: https://blogger.second-life-adventures.com/ Or my signature links. Carol
  9. carolinestravels

    Interview with a Prostitute

    There is only one way to make good money as a Second Life whore: Write about it on a blog and promote a lucrative affiliate scheme. :-) Thats what I have been doing. For years. Makes me more than 1.000 USD per month. Not counting the L$ I charge, which tend to vanish through marketplace anyway.
  10. carolinestravels


    Es sollte eigentlich egal sein. In SL darf man sein was man will, und niemand hat das Recht dies jemand streitig zu machen. Nimm den Avatar einfach so wie du ihn/sie siehst und respektiere die Wahl des Anderen. Wenn du trotzdem wissen willst: Ganz sicher gar nicht. Aber es gibt Anzeichen die es wahrscheinlicher machen, dass ein weiblicher Avi männlich geführt wird: - Übergroße Brüste und Hintern - Immer dieselben Schuhe - Extrem nuttige Kleidung (besonders in G rated Regionen) - Grobschlächtige Ausdrucksweise - Besonders viele Sex Gruppen im Profil - Keine Shopping Gruppen im Profil - Fake Bild im Profil (Bildname Googeln) Einzeln gesehen machen diese Merkmale noch keinen Mann hinter der Frau, aber in mehrfach-Kombination wird es immer wahrscheinlicher.
  11. carolinestravels

    earning money in SL

    John Stripper / escorts can make some money. This also requires an investment in a sexy avatar (Mesh, Catwa, Skin, Huds). A seriously profitable way is blogging. Requires a little investment (domain, hosting) and a serious amount of time. I am doing this since years and does make me some nice cash aside.
  12. carolinestravels


    I know this if off topic, but on this one you are wrong. For most SL whores, it is not a job but a fantasy. Just saying.
  13. carolinestravels

    To what degree do you feel "immersed" in Second Life?

    Yes, true. Especially those who send you c*ck pics do end the immersion very abrupt! All gone, in just one second or less.