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  1. Skilled/Intelligent/Active, (Golden Voice) *admin experience* + Real Life Sales + Socially Skilled Man Looking for Job. I'm currently wanting to put my skills to use in second life, I'm looking for a good paying job (hourly or commision) so I can keep up with weekly bills, please IM me in game (Strategize) to get in touch with me, you'll find me on everyday hours at a time. Background Info: My name is David, I've been in sales since I was the age of 15 selling $3000 kirby's door to door. I have field and office management experience as well as some telemarketing and I'm extremely good at dealing with people. Computer wise, I've owned a Gaming Community, and am currently an active administrator for Quick-Gaming, one of the biggest gaming communities out there, and I'm their #1 administrator when it comes to building a repore and increasing playerbase + knowledge of rules and teaching others. I pick up on information extremely quick, and I've always been good at my job. I've also been told I should be a news reporter because of how great I sound as well. I would prefer a sales position or a job that needs customer service representatives. Hit me up In-Game.
  2. WANTED 4100+ SQM PARCEL/ISLAND/WATERFRONT for a yacht house (Under $1250 L$ W, LOTS OF PRIMS) I found some good deals on some parcels for rent, but I want to see the best deal I can get. I'd prefer somewhere around 8160 sqm, $1000 w 900 prims, that would be the perfect budget/prim/sqm ratio for me. But give or take that, please post or link me landmarks to prices/prims within that range.
  3. Anyone able to refer me to a nice cheap weekly/monthly property out in the water to buy/rent so I can put my yacht house, I have a yacht that uses 210 prims and another that uses 930 prims, so anywhere inbetween 200-1000 prims will work great. Thanks
  4. Okay so today I decided to ditch the Linden Home you get for buying premium and move into a place with more prims, so I found a good house renting company, payed my first weeks rent, and the landlord set up everything, invited me to the group, gave me the tag, gave me permissions, protected my house, gave my friend tendacy. When I tried placing my first peace of furniture (MY $700 Hot Tub) nothing happened, and it disappeared from my inventory, follow by me restarting the SL Viewer to have the error that makes you wait 5 minutes before getting back into SL. Once I got back in, I still couldn't place any ITEMS in my new home, and my hottub has been missing for HOURS. Also I downloaded some third party viewers just to see if it was client side, that didn't help. My tendant can't place furniture either. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME FIX THIS, EVERYTHING WORKS IN MY LINDEN HOME JUST FINE. + PS, I WANT MY **bleep**ING HOT TUB BACK SL STAFF!
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