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  1. We are talking about the raise of Process Credit being Over the top . We know they must be a increase somewhere to maintain Secondlife Economic, i respect that . But the 2.5% Increase is Dramatic and The questions is How much every year is going to be a Increase? Is there going to be a end one day? Or every year we will face another 2.5 % ? One thing is that there must be a fees and im willing to pay but at the end of the day we are talking about processing Money to give out to Paypal. IS it going to be faster for us at least? Whats more does we get from benefit? Nothing. I dont see a reasons
  2. I always have kept it low when it about Secondlife Business and public things, but this featured news is ridiculous, and I have to speak up and say my 2 cents on the subject. If u don't agree with me fine but I hope this goes in the face of someone who manages so. I know that Second Life has to Make profits is it a business and in order to balance things up about new featured and etc, they have to decrease increase somewhere else. But 2.5% to 5% what? I'm sorry that seems a bit excessive, is it going to raise up every year by 2.5 %? Like whats more does it give to feature for the Bus
  3. I Agree with Charlotte 100% 1. We also need possibility to changed the landmark for ours listing easier then going thought all the pages. I myself had to changed sim and locations and having to changed the landmark can be very hard if you have 10 pages + . 2. We would need a way to keep same info on files regard descriptions , or listing can be very long to copy paste all info store policy etc.. 3. We should have a Way to add up multiple item to one listing regard collections so people can buy and see thought a photo their choices without having to click each indiv
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