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  1. Guys i understand about computing and i know everything about PCs, what i dont know is about viewers, so i need someone to tell me how to fix it, only this, is it too hard? no.. i know it isn't, so just tell me.
  2. So now, try to stay in sl for 2 months crashing like hell with a good computer and you'll see what i'm talking about, its a viewer problem not my computer problem, and i need a fix.
  3. Honey, i can run Crysis 2 with 3 screens at the same time and there will be no lag, Second Life is like Mario for my computer PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF
  4. I think i'll just leave sl forever, its impossible to play, the crash is too much and i am very angry right now.
  5. I am so tired of logging in and logging in and logging in , over and over again, everytime after 2 minutes, i canno't play second life anymore, all the views crash after 2 minutes, and no, its not my computer, i have the latest Nvidia Card, etc. I have a good internet connection, so i don't know what is is, and i really need help.
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