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  1. Since Progeny has no problem with people being bitten without their knowledge or consent, I have to muse with all the talent out there if someone could come up with a System or Object that would interfere with the Progeny system from interacting with those wearing it? It might even be wonderful if the talented programmer found a way to destroy the vampire that was attacking. I mean what grievance would the vampire have? "I was biting this avatar and all the sudden i found i was destroyed/crashed/ejected/frozen!" Sadly, I don't have the skills to create such an item!
  2. I log on Tuesday to find 80% of my inventory gone. I contact Linden Labs and they tell me, sorry but nothing we can do. Sorry you are unhappy. then they close and archive the support. Sorry, 80% of your inventory over night. That is over $1000 USD worth of items in 5+years. These are items from reputable SL vendors, no copy bot or shady dealers. All I got was, I am sorry but too bad
  3. Here it is days after the "Resolved Unscheduled Maintenance" and I am still Missing 80% of my inventory. what does LL say. "I understand your concern and frustration over your recent inventory loss. At this point, any items that have not been returned to you are unrecoverable and permanently lost. There is nothing more that we can do to assist in this matter, and we are unable to offer compensation for such loss. I apologize for the inconvenience. Rest assured that we will continue to identify and resolve the causes of inventory loss in Second Life. Regards, Customer Support Lin
  4. Your assumption that I was basing my argument solely on pirating is incorrect. That was a singular reply to your statement that they were legit solely because their TOS said they were legit. I have stated my argument was based upon statements made by companies like Netfilx, Hulu, Amazon, and the like when asked about why they stream some movies and not others. Also, my argument was based off of real cases involving companies that were streaming movies illegally and those sites that only posted links to illegal streaming sites. The only erronous assumptions were made by your posts. I st
  5. And pirated videos still have the FBI warnings on them that copying, selling etc ... Just cause its in their store TOS policy doesnt mean they are paying royalities. Blockbuster, Netflix, and the rest pay high dollar to stream movies.
  6. No your buisness is not legit unless you are paying royalites for each view of the streamed material like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and iTunes. Just because you purchased a copy of a video does not give you the ability to resell the viewing via streaming. If you believe what you are doing to be legit, check out the cases against TVShack and MegaV_ _ _ _.. Simply the price you are charging for each video streamed is telling that you are not paying the royalties.
  7. I agree, I have never met anyone who have had all their Lindens stolen. Its always been a friend of a friend or "I know someone who had...." More effort is spent on the panic that ensues. Its not like we are computer inept. Most of us are very computer savvy. All I have asked of people in my groups are to verfiy facts. Not rely on hearsay. The excuse I heard it from a friend just seems lazy to me when its easy to verify. My point has always been, before you spam any group, make sure its real. I check out here and the other fourms making sure things are real before i send alerts, while
  8. thanks for the reminder, i wasnt thinking peace and wellness
  9. Thank you all It is like I messaged my group, there is no need to panic. This is like the email tracking hoax, it gets people all up in arms over something that anyone with half a brain would realize is a Hoax. The power of this is getting people to lag and chat about something that is stupid and feeding into their egos.. See I got all these people scared. you would think somone who has been in SL more that 6 months would realize this is just more the same and not feed into stupidity. But alas, even my group has members that get alot of exercise by leaping onto a bandwaggon without
  10. I got this by an unreliable source who is spamming a group of mine. I have briefly searched to find more information on this, but haven't found any yet. The following was spamed to my group camm Alert Saturday,28 Apr 2012 15:41:19 GMT hey guys just a quick heads up if you get a gift card from Rxxxxxxxe or Qxxxxxxxxxxx do not attach please its not legit and they will take your money. ?&? and now Axxxxxxd has been effected. Im sure there will be more stores as well pass this around please! (edited due to my faux pas) (my apologies to all) Can anyone tell me if this is a legit threat or jus
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