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  1. @Rabid Cheetah I have been very kind in my responses given the "Mean Girls" attitude that you and your buddies seem to want to dish out in this post. Honestly, I don't need you or their help if that is what comes of it aside form the fact that not one of you have mentioned anything that I hadn't already done or considered. You gals need to really move along since at this point, all you are doing is gaslighting, trolling (yes, trolling) and otherwise instigating trash talk and poor behavior. Plenty of folks have been able to offer up commentary or opinion without coming off as rude, accusatory or bitchy. You and the ones that seem to laud for each other are coming off just as that. I don't care how long you have been in SL, spent time posting in this forum or what it is you think you know - your lack of emotional maturity is evident. SL is filled with Heathers like you. No doubt, you will need the last word and will keep posting in here because it's the only entertainment you have for the weekend. Sad, but true. Thankfully, I am done and resent having posted in here for anything. You can have your sandbox back to yourselves. I thank those who have shared information and opinion without tripping into some weird virtual gutter of bullying for the sake of their entertainment.
  2. Thanks for your relevant post - To clarify this because at some point, all of the information was twisted, misread or misrepresented. I have a small parcel that has water access on one side to a Region that is completely owned by LL. Another side has complete access to a Route. The third side is my parcel. That one water side is very small and it's intent is for easy access to the LL regions that are public water use. The area that my neighbor has denoted as their "water landing strip" for their parcel, is in fact, on Linden owned land. 100%. It is very easy to see the designation. Anyone is free to use that as they like, of course - no argument whatsoever on that. Assuming all of us that purchased our land that touches that region, was for free and clear water access. The issue, is that the entire space that is access to my parcel for water entry, has this huge landing strip almost as if to say anyone else that may want to utilize that space - it is off limits to us other parcel owners. Am I supposed to "watch out - incoming plane" - if I am running my virtual toys about in that space? It is a narrow space and necessary for adjacent parcels to use when trying to reach the vast LL "ocean". I filed a few requests in world - and two tickets. Guy Linden is not complete with the assessment I assume, since nothing has been responded to yet. Literally the only reason I reached out here, was to see if anyone had the same kind of issue and how it was handled - not to be brow beat over looking for a variety of answers from a variety of people. (not in response to you, rather those who are at this point, irrelevant)
  3. And the hits keep coming. Honestly, you guys are just burying the thread in nothing worth mentioning at this point. There really is no reason to respond unless you are kind and/or attempting to be helpful. Helpful does not mean to perpetuate what has already been stated. And hence why I generally do not post in these forums.
  4. So why do you keep posting? Literally you have no purpose in this thread any longer. Perhaps you should spend your 17,585th post on another thread because this is trolling.
  5. People who offer advice, then incessantly respond with no purpose other than to be argumentative, antagonistic, or perpetuate their idea instead of posting and moving along, are in fact, trolls my dear. I was looking for info - a few offered, cool, it doesn't mean other people's potential commentary doesn't have value and yours is the only one that does. Post what you have to say, then head out, no need to keep up the diatribe. Public or not, there's a level of decorum that's expected.
  6. @Prokofy NevaThanks for that - very on point. @Sylvia Tamalyn Please refrain - at this point, I think you are simply trolling. You obviously have missed my intent and point. Honestly, unless you have something more positive to lend to this post, please find some other posts to troll. Thanks for the info.
  7. Yep, kept an eye on the ticket, assuming he would respond, but nothing yet. Sylvia - I read what you offered as suggestions - now, I am looking to hear from folks who have shared the experience, and how they resolved it. Thanks again for your persistent participation and opinions. Still looking for folks with an actual shared experience. Thanks!
  8. This isn't a minor encroachment. This is blatant. My point wasn't about anyone making exceptions, quite the opposite. If items are placed purposely onto a public space to attempt to designate it as their own use or purpose - that's my issue. Placing an item slightly between your parcel and a road? I do not see an issue - its not like anyone else is going to use that transitional space. Thanks for the input but i think the point of this post has been buried. If I could get through to someone that owns the space, I wouldn't post here - that's part and partial of the issue. I just want to see if anyone has experienced this, and if so, how did they remedy it.
  9. Also - it shouldn't be about who pays more in tier - it should be about following rules. Its pretty simple stuff and makes for everybody enjoying their virtual space.
  10. I filed two tickets online as well as Inworld Reports, twice. So yes, I did, that was why I posted here, to see if others had any success with the same type of issue and did they get a resolve. Guy Linden was there specifically for my ticket - he was target hitting a few of those items and is the one assigned to my ticket. To make it clear, I was only posting here to see if anyone A) Had any of the same issues - and if so - B) What was the resolve? I can pretty much figure out the rest myself. Thanks for the input!
  11. The items are definitely on Linden Land - Guy Linden did a fly over and when I messaged him since I was still there, he said nothing in reply. The whole reason we purchased that plot was for the road and water access at the same time. I spent $200 USD just to snag that tiniest 100 prim section that I could sit a boat or waverunner in and then head out to open sea. My tiny, tiny piece is directly against Linden Land - we chose that so that NO ONE could impose on our ability to access the huge Linden water way. Yet, these folks next to us, use that space like its their personal airstrip with these red, green and yellow prims that denote that public space as a landing strip. I did message the land/group owner and ask that she pick them up but of course, no word from her. The boat place across from us, has their bits and pieces also extended way past their purchased land, but it is merely an eyesore. I don't mind other people /using/ public space - but when you sort of "claim it for your own use" in such a way, that's the part I am not ok with. Has anyone had to deal with this? I can keep filing abuse reports but at the end of the day, I feel like Linden Labs should just own up to their rule of use of public space and make sure that people are not placing their items on it. These are quite obviously parcel extended items - meaning they have the parent prim on their parcel, and have extended way past their allotted parcel.
  12. How many of you have had issues with neighbors who place their items outside of their parcel as if trying to utilize Linden Labs Public Space as their own personal play spot? Example - I purchased a Route and Water access parcel on Mainland - paid a pretty penny for it too - then someone moved in next door who is an aviation group - and a boating group across the street. Both tenants have placed items such as landing lights, racing circuit items and otherwise in the Public Use areas - and it not only just looks bad - but its also just a pain to think at any time I am leaving from my water area, I must now watch out for incoming or outgoing airplanes that use that public space of water next to mine as their own personal landing space. I reached out to LL, but of course, little help. I could permanently de-render the items, but I am looking to sell or rent my parcel and its basically a nuisance. No one should have to concede on a public space to any other lend tenant. I was wondering how anyone else has handled this and with what level of success?
  13. I literally just researched all of this today but for a much different reason! Had to solve an age old SL mystery. I would say best bet - decide on where you want your image to go in SL (profile pic, marketplace store, classifieds, etc) - basically where are you going to use it? Once you know, then look up via that Second Life Wiki he gave you, to see what the Aspect Ratio is for the place you want to put it (profile pics are 4:3 ratios). Create the base file in Photoshop or Gimp - whatever you have - using the aspect ratio of choice. Make sure the largest side is no more than 1024 in size. Copy/paste the full size image you took, into the template you just made and arrange as best you can. It might crop some, depending on how your original image was shot. Save out as either a JPG, PNG or TGA, depending on your use. Then upload. You should be good to go!
  14. Definitely another person to say just use the lens zoom in and out (Ctrl + 0 to zoom in, Ctrl + 8 to zoom out, Ctrl + 9 for back to homebase). One thing to remember though, using the Ctrl + choices, operates like a zoom lens in real life. The more you zoom in, the more compressed the image planes become. The effect this gives, is that anything in the background, is much bigger than it would look at a 50mm lens (homebase). And when zoomed out, items in the distance end up appearing slightly smaller than usual. Plus, the wider an angle (zooming out) means that there is more distortion radiating to the edges of the image. So same pro tips in SL as in RL!
  15. Looks to me like wind lighting, specular, materials and the new "pores" that makers are building into their mesh heads and bodies. There are so many useful ways to get this inworld, with no post-processing - especially if you have a beefy machine and can handle the Ultra settings. Maitreya, Lelutka, Genus & Legacy right now, all offer the types of mesh that cater to inworld photography. Between the maps and shine, you can generally get a very very realistic look for highlights on skin. You can dial back on the levels of intensity so that its not wet or overpowering. Sure, you could fake it in Photoshop, with a stippling brush, a separate layer dialed for opacity and the eye dropper for color matching, but why when you can probably get a more natural result with all of the newest tools? It really just depends on your tools at hand as well as where you want to focus your assets.
  16. Hi again! I had looked high and low for info on changing the aspect ratio for already uploaded images, or even assigning a certain ratio to images that I was in the middle of uploading. I didn't find any concise, direct data, so I figured it was time for another video! There is probably so much more I could touch on, but I really just wanted to answer quickly, my oldest curiosity of this one, simple tool in SL. Please feel free to share any feedback on this or let me know if you have any questions!
  17. How big do you need the image to be and what resolution in world? Knowing that makes a difference.
  18. Please do not use my thread to inflame people about this viewer. If you have an issue, take it up in your own thread or report that to whomever you think needs to know. I support Niran and unless you’re information is both coherent and accurate, I don’t care to have it piggybacked on my thread.
  19. Thats awesome Aedan! Thanks so much for the feedback, please let me know if there are other topics you would like to see covered!
  20. Just a little cam fun and dance - notice the amazing Black Dragon cam attached to a choice spot on my avi's skeleton. Machinima using Black Dragon
  21. Thanks Jackson and good advice! I'd be happy to! I used to struggle to find good info out there - at least info that was intuitive or gave a decent play-by-play so I am hoping this helps!
  22. I enjoy sharing helpful info, and after a lot of people asking, I took some personal time and created a series of videos on photography in SL. I am using a third party viewer (Black Dragon) simply because that viewer was designed for users to push past limitations in other viewers. If you want to check it out, please see the 10 part series here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCc6cNWafb3OdYvJQwrSOsmg?view_as=subscriber Questions are also welcome below! I might be slow to respond, but I will try! The videos are a bit dry, but they definitely have a lot of content.
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