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  1. Well i been trying to login already 4hours , but i been like around 1 hour now keep pressing login finally could login, so not like the other standard users gone tell u to see the grid update cause that don't say nothing much what i tell u is do like me keep press login button , and goodluck Charm Lovenkraft wrote: is it me or is there a problem with my area its been since this morning i cannot connect?
  2. LOL i agree with ya , and question myself when not like the standard usel helpers for sure gone post u the grid think again lol. well good luck hope we all can get in soon
  3. Maintenance is over but still can't login at all. SL always make their maintenance on the time that is better for the US players they forget all the other i guess . So peeps from Europe let me know when u start having access to SL cause is annoying that i lose already a gig today and from the time that is taking gone lose the second one. By the way peeps stop telling check the grid cause i been doing that all the time.
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