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  1. yuor lucky i have constant problems with the ll viewer. wich sucks because it has the best mesh upload on it. So i just have to put up with firestorm as it has much more stable login protocall
  2. Firestorm already has a space on it's login for grid status. wouldnt be to hard for ll to do the same. but that would require LL to make a decent viewer
  3. wonders if they will be finished befor h gets to the cleavland show
  4. for what it's worth i just managed to log into beta grid
  5. dont attempt to buy anything till your safely logged back in world. better safe then sorry
  6. well i say i dunno more like i cant rember. wichone is on the crusade for it
  7. possably. i dunno wich linden it is but anyway yeah they want em gone
  8. from sl grid status " [updated 9:10am PDT 26 April 2012] We are continuing to work to restore services. At this time, we have no estimated time of repair. Please continue to monitor this blog for updates. "
  9. removeing temp uploads isnt an immediate thing. but Quarl linden hates em and wants the whoul temp uploading removed
  10. they will be removeing temp uploads soon and haveing it replaced with local uploads wich wont inject the assets to the sim server . but Yeah mesh can be expencive to upload. with a minimum of 10l increaseing dependant on thecomplexity of the mesh. apart frmo that FS / pheonix have a rubbish mesh upload interface like many other tpv's wich have only basic settings for stuff like physics.. FS also likes to crash if your mesh upload settings are the slightest bit off
  11. frequent updates would meann them not sitting around sipping coffie while there computers run defrag
  12. bleh opengrid / other private sl servers are sparsly populated at best. moast of the sims are run on acient systems or with poor bandwidth. you wont have anything from sl either. i dont reccomend them for exploreing at moast i use them for build testing befor i part with L$ for uploading on ll grid
  13. At this point I'm just counting downtime in anime episodes I think I'll have this series finished before they fix things ...
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