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  1. HA so you paid like 8 dollars to have a friend? Atleast it isn't as bad as banks back in the day, "pay me 10k and you can collect 1 linden every day forever!" no what im i saying that is pretty bad, you gave someone your money, for something that isnt in secondlife, there is nothing you can do, you just kind of gave away your money, it isn't your money now.
  2. SL could be monitored by law enforcement, it would be funny, because people already try that, you have those second life justice league who act like the super crime fighters of second life, reporting everyone. (They don't get anything done) There are others who basically "play" the role as law enforcer, but anyone can simply report someone in the end, just some of these guys had been like pets for lindens. However these people have no real power, this is afterall a game with a lot of freedom, and though like any other game, you have moderators. It is still just a game, just that it has t
  3. woah i didn't say anything about thinking of myself as superior, just everyone who talks to me immediately suggests that they are suddenly an amazing person for participating in these kind of things. Nothings funnier than having people come to me saying how im a loser for not having lost my sl virginity.
  4. the correct answer is to not actually care, because anything else expresses weakness and makes you further vulnerable.
  5. yes, pubbies get on this game to just roleplay and have virtual sex, through many interactions ive learned that they feel people who point out how silly it is that they do this are told that they are wrong and then go on about how superior they are, how successful they are, and then claim that the other is the loser for questioning what they are doing in a game. Though i liked that my first thread which was purely an explanation was taken as such an insult to point out a lot of these flaws, SL gives you all the freedom you want, and whatever you do with it is up to you, just also take n
  6. this is actually just a linden laziness issue, though speaking poorly of them and mentioning their practices will surely get me removed from here, they are however working under poor conditions, and from what ive experienced and know, a matter of trying to get the most money without spending as much back. Since second life has became open sourced many companies have taken it and made better second lifes that are overall far superior, but this one remains much more popular. the most noticable one that actually turned it into an actual functioning game, Blue Mars where it actually works f
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