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  1. Hello. Some people may know me but OK whatever. I need a job to feed my other small future projects i have in mind. I currently work for a vehicle company and make ads for their stores but payment is just that vehicle and I come to conclusion that i will still work for them but i need a paying job as well. Ads as in marketplace posters or.. (now here's the kick in the gut) .. or i can do vehicle paints for your airline within SL (but then again that would be a one time payment and doesn't help on long run). I can be a CSR (Customer Support rep/service) in a store too or a manager in club not a problem (i prefer the role of manager for clubs doing external contracts and getting new designers to join midnight mania for "event giveaways"). I can also be a CSR for a rental estate. I been there and done that before (I cannot say in forums what jobs i had or who i worked with or else Linden lab would remove my post and send me account warnings but just to be clear I have a 9 years old account and counting in SL and seen lots of stuff). I am looking for a job that would pay me weekly at least 650L. Thanks for your time and yes i do follow this forum topic on daily basis.
  2. I only provided them one piece of puzzle first. Easy to learn. The other software you talk about is another piece of puzzle that i did not want to say just yet.
  3. There is something that can help. Its called experience keys. Helps you allow rez a product with temporary attachment script.. When someone leaves the sim the avatar goes back to the way it was previously. No need for Demo above head or text. Its less intrusive too. You need a custom script for this since it needs to detect avatars and what mesh body they wear so that the clothing ads itself to the correct body types. I suggest a script combined with Experience keys based on keywords as in hair, body skin tattoos to stay on your body while other stuff gets removed at the doorway of your store via invisible "portal". Store will need adult rating land for this. and because it might cause lagg you can have the demo button on vendor act as an activator and the demo object to go directly to the avatar.
  4. Here is a piece of a puzzle. Cheers and enjoy!
  5. Bump does not help if done every day. just give it a week or two.
  6. I am your friend for some time now. Why not ask friends instead. Beats me. I messaged you.
  7. I keep yelling about that on flickr so i stopped advetising it
  8. People go to your store to try on demos and buy stuff. Not much of landscape needed. Just the wall with vendors is what i suggest. Cheers!
  9. Also when I try to join group it would not let me. But yes i am very much interested in this job if still avalaible. PS : I had to grab your name off from a car.. SO yeey had to do detective work.
  10. find me inworld during european day times.
  11. Is it a paid job? and does the car or outfit have uv maps? does it have Mod permissions?
  12. most people buy fulll perm and recolor them until they learn how to do mesh via youtube tutorials. marvelous designer is a good software to start learning for 30 days trial. if that is too short then blender would help. I can help you with poster advertisement and logo should you decide to start the store brand..
  13. Now find this person and pay some lindens or else this wasnt a job post?
  14. i messaged you & added you so i can help! You are offline ofcourse at the moment.. still waiting for you to jump on SL.
  15. she assumes that you are someones alt account and does NOT believe in brand new never use SL type of person. Those who are older in sl got scammed so many times and waisted time on helping people and then they never get online after we help them get the best avatar set or even after they buy their homes and land. Its verry hard to believe these days that someone new joined second life.
  16. I am looking for someone who knows how to do mesh clothing and wants to open up a store that will eventually become a brand. Basically you do the mesh and i get to do the advertisements pictures for your marketplace and my take is 1% of each sale on marketplace only (not in-world). I am also looking for someone who creates clothing very fast (as in once a week). I don't care about the styles of clothing. Yes i know some creators like to make these things on their own but i would like to help out newbies. You know the ones that make the first 20 or 25 pieces of clothing and recently rented their first land and first time opened a shop? Yes. I am looking for a person like that. Needs to be on +2 GTM and 6-8AM SLT able to be online. I am from Europe and can't always sync up time zones with Americans or other parts of the world. I made this post because I don't like repeating myself too much. Please leave a message below and show me what you created so far or in-world. Here is my DEMO's of what I do
  17. Hello. I can not find your website anywhere.
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