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  1. Hi guys, I'm wondering how does one go about making an alpha texture for mesh clothing (shoes especially) and create a specific alpha texture to cover the avatar's feet for example so there is no bits of skin coming through anywhere on the shoe. Any help would be duly, truly and verily appreciated :)
  2. Hey guys, I wish to start rigging and animating the limbs I make, but I'm wondering, can I rig individual limbs or sets (legs specifically, and if so, how do i do it? Or does a new limb even need rigging? I'm guessing that it does, but it's confusing me like hell. Basically, I would like to learn how to rig sets of limbs for things like walking, and I'm getting absolutely nowhere by sheer experimentation. Also when I attach 2 individual objects to one armature, when I move a single bone like the thigh, the two limbs move with eachother i.e symetrically, to make the other limb I just duplicated
  3. Hey guys, I'm quite experienced with modelling by now and I'd like to bring that into the SL world. I'm by no means a pro, but what I do offer is producing custom mesh models (I can't do clothing quite yet though) at a below normal going rate. The reason I am doing this is to begin to build a portfolio and get some references i.e spread the name while challenging myself and my modelling abilities. Feel free to IM me in-world with your ideas and we shall discuss them :D Take it easy folks!
  4. Hi there, I'm interested but your link unfortunately your link doesn't work, do IM me inworld though and we can discuss all of the variables
  5. Dardissounet

    New limbs?

    Hi guys, I wish to start modelling mesh limbs (robotic, prosthetic) in Blender, anything I would need to know before doing it? Would I use the avatar.blend file and if so, where would I start and what methodology would I use? Would the leg need to be rigged? Would it need it's own movement animation? Again, any advice would be duly and greatly appreciated :)
  6. hi guys, I have figured out what my problems are with importing into second life but I still do not know how to fix them. I have a few questions to ask if y'all don't mind :) 1. How does subdivision affect the UV map, and if it does, how do I subdivide in a way that won't screw the uv map up and stop the baker from saying that I don't have a sculpty selected and thus prevent the baker from baking the sculpt map? 2. If I were to extrude or, how would I compensate, or could I even compensate in the first place? 3. What kind of workflow/methods do people use to make very intricate prims while ret
  7. Hi gaia, great product might I say, shame I can't seem to get my creations onto SL just yet I have made sure to check the lossless compression box, but the maps have still been imported all screwed up Is it what I am doing in blender? I have seen people with some quite intricate sculpties who have uploaded them without a hitch apart from scaling, and it seems like when I try make an even slightly inctricate sculpty, it comes out a mess in SL. I have a feeling I have missed something quite important when it coems to making sculpties lol
  8. Hey guys, every time I try to import a sculpty from Blender (2.61 with Primstar-2) it completely warps beyond recognition albeit a few recognizable parts. I have tried all of the stitching settings and they just don't work :S What is happening here and how does one fix it? I have a hunch that it's a sculpt/uv map problem, but proper guidance on how to fix these problems is as rare as hen's teeth! I would really appreciate any advice on this guys, cheers :) P.S I'm using the newest version of SL Viewer.
  9. Hi there! I'm a sound creator, been producing music for nearly 3 years and I'm looking to make some lindens creating atmospheric sound effects and music loops for SL users. On your sim, no matter what it is, aural atmospherics can really add depth to your sim. Who I'm mainly aiming at is those who have RP sims, but I can accommodate anyone really :) Search and IM me (Dardissounet) and we can discuss what you need, price and permissions. Here is an example of my work, but I can make almost anything you need :) http://soundclick.com/share.cfm?id=11595223 Take it easy folks!
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