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  1. So i have returned after a break from SL decided i would give the forums a check over ( as im looking for help with a new avi) and i spat my coffee back into the cup when i saw this thread is still here This thread latest longer then 99.9 % of any SL relationships i know - Giggles Waves a big Hello to all
  2. You look like what i imagine my old English-lit teacher looked like outside of the classroom good job 😜
  3. great let me know the time and place
  4. names Vicki im from the United kingdom Looking for friends to play games explore someone who doesn't mind being completely off the cuff goofy sometimes and other times just like sitting around under a tree reading
  5. I’m quite fond of standing alone in empty sims contemplating my life choices. You’re welcome to me. may i join you
  6. It was rented homestead ,rented by myself and another woman for the purposes of a group the items were set to a group,and only group members were allowed on the parcel And it was only my items returned (not all of them , just a large number of them ) The neighboring sims were also owned by us
  7. Hello i wonder if anyone can help me and explain this I had some items returned to me in world , but the message i received via email said your object named has been returned to your folder lost sand found by (???) about 40 + of my object were returned to me and all said by (???) why does it not show the name ? i have blamed for removing these items which i didn't do so wanted to find out why it shows (???)
  8. i sent you a private message
  9. Hi there 99% of my current SL friends are from American time zones i would love to meet new friends from zones nearer to my own , I am in the GMT time zone (uk) and get rather bored waiting around for my american friends to wake from their slumber soooo anyone who would like to make new friends , be sure to drop me a message and say hi
  10. Not sure exactly what to write here but ... I am Vicki , I live in the UK , but I spent allot of my time on sl during American time zones I roleplay here in SL as a US Marine and have worked my way up over the years from recruit to SgtMaj I love my roleplay and feel very fulfilled by it , but after three long term relationships in SL I'm missing that connection I am not looking for a sexual partner , just someone to connect with and spend time with ( either male or female ) , I am very romantic as well as goofy and fun (or so I have been told ) I have a small
  11. I am also currently looking for someone who is able to build me a website , this is where my knowledge lacks and I don't really have the skills to be able to build a decent looking website to help promote the prison if anyone is able to help it would be gratefully appreciated , please message me (also willing to pay for this )
  12. I am in the process of setting up full prison/jail roleplay sim .. would be set in modern day , if you want any more details , just give me a shout and I can fill you in
  13. I don't mind helping you build at some point if you need help
  14. Hello I am currently in the process of setting up a sim which with hold a Maximum security prison, and seeking roleplayers who may be interested , Will be looking to employ people in a variety of officer, healthcare, chaplaincy, managerial, support and administrative roles ect Inmates will also be required .. building roleplay with staff and also with other inmates, do you want to be the perfect prisoner or plan your escape , roleplay your time your way This is still in the building stage , but wanted to put word out with the hopes of finding some interest I would like to
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