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  1. wow i feel dumb thx so 9am slt on the dot logins will be enabled?
  2. how annoying when it hits, you'll get hit hard. /me laughs
  3. Not sure andi dont really follow it....any idea what time it is...it's 11 am where im at just wondering if anybody else can log in....sorry im a noob but i do enjoy me SL :D
  4. So i downloaded the avination viewer or whatever its called to see how it was and now when i try to use my original viewer (viewer 2) it doesnt load it just says you have been logged out) everytime it loads m y log in...what is up with this
  5. Just wondering i am renting one...and want to know if im paying too much... --||-
  6. Not new to SL just new avi, used to be on back in the 08 09 days when SL was more populated and strict :( Anywho I am mama 22 in SL and RL. still trying to find my purpose in SL but i do enjoy all types of RP. Hit me with a IM or something, I'm almost always on :) Buhbyeez ....:matte-motes-big-grin-evil:
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