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  1. Hi, a few days ago I tried to add billing info to my account. So I added my credit card, waited a day or two for my profile to update and say "Payment Info On File" but that didn't happen. I read the Billing FAQ and it said if I don't see any update in my in-world profile after 30 minutes I should try deleting the credit card from the list and add it again. I went ahead and deleted the credit card from the list and added it again. Nothing happened, the profile still showed as "No Payment Info on File". I tried deleting it again and now I can't add it anymore apparently. It
  2. Hi, can a Linden help me? I cannot enter payment info on the Aditi Billing Information page, it outputs this error: Billing Unavailable: vikyvika We're sorry, but online billing is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later. Can anyone fix this? I have payment info on file.
  3. After adding both my VISA card and PayPal to the Billing information, my profile still shows as 'No Payment Info On File' on Phoenix Viewer. On the official viewer the profile shows as 'Payment Info On File' but I cannot buy and L$ on ANY of these viewers. It is recommended to wait at least 30 minutes for the viewer to update. Over 40 hours have passed and the profile still hasn't updated. Thus, I am unable to do any Linden transactions but uploading mesh is possible. Could anyone take a look and fix this, please?
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