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  1. Oh, thanks. I do indeed have Skydrive installed! I can try right now, but I will as soon as I am at home.
  2. Hello there... I have a very frustrating problem with taking screenshots on my notebook computer (HP Pavillion with switchable ATI Radeon HD 6770M 2GB / intel HD 3000, using Catalyst 12.3 - 12.4 doesn't work properly). Every time I try to save a screenshot on the hard disk the viewer crashes. That's true for the original viewer as well as Niran's viewer. The viewer even crashes when opening the "Save as..." dialogue. I've seen bug reports on Jira but they're all closed with "More information required". So... does anyone know a work around for this, how you can cheat the system to save the bloody screen shots? (I am kinda getting frustrated over this, but I don't know anything smarter than let let SL file its crash reports and hope someone makes something out of it)
  3. I have use SL under both Windows and Mac OS X on my late 2009 27" iMac and not noticed any grave performance differences (even though I haven't been looking out for them either)... As for the OpenGL implementation of Apple: I must leave it to Apple, that while the performance cannot keep up with the implementations by ATI and nVidia, the stability has been so far outstanding. And they are making giant leaps forward; the last version, Snow Leopard, supported OpenGL 2.1; that's not even par with DirectX 9. The current version supports OpenGL 3.0, which is not quite the current state of the art, but it's a solid base to work from, comparable with DirectX 9. The upcoming version, Mountain Lion, supports OpenGL 4.1. That's a massive improvement in very short time. Of course the drivers do not have as much performance optimizations as nVidia's and ATI's drivers, but they are a lot more stable. nVidia and ATI both support OpenGL 4.5 afaik, and that for more than a year. So, while I originally was very disappointed with Apples policy to create their own drivers from scratch instead of trying to work with the manufacturers to adopt existing drivers by the manufacturers. The consequence was naturally that the drivers in Mac OS X cannot only not keep up with Windows, but also not with Linux, which does use highly optimized state of the art OpenGL 4.5 drivers as well. However, Apple did provide a homogenous platform to all software developers and a stable environment to its users, which seems to have worked out despite all its shortcomings compared to the competition. And now that Apple is catching up, it looks like their somewhat headstrong path to more independance from the manufacturers and more immediate control of their graphics stack seems to slowly work out. Apple is not on the level of Windows and Linux, but it's getting there. With a system under their own immediate control. I am just curious how Apple will handle those intel Chips. I don't have a Sandy Bridge Mac, but afaik,the on Chips intel HD 3000 have been ignored so far. Giving the massive scaling up on the new Ivy Bridge generation, the HD 4000 chips, that would be quite a waste. Especially the cheaper MacBook Pro and iMac models wouldn't really need an own graphics card anymore; if those chips were properly supported.
  4. Thank you. That has been extremely helpful. I never use that HUD anyway - from what I figure it searches browser history and bookmarks. But I see no reason not to simply do that in the browser.
  5. Instead of reconfiguring Unity and the behavior of all my applications... isn't it possible to reconfigure SL? Use the 4th mouse button instead of alt?
  6. I am normally using Windows 7 on my notebook computer, but having installed the latest LTS version of Ubuntu, mostly for work, I wanted to try Second Life again; if only to see whether ATI's OpenGL support truly works. My problem is that the alt key doesn't properly work. The mouse curser changes in SL but I can't use it for camera control. The SL Q&A in the viewer suggest to modify the window manager's behavior to move functions on the alt key to another key, but I can't find any setting that is bound to the alt key alone. Even though it does have an effect - holding it causes the menu to be displayed in the title bar*, tapping it causes a search window to appear. Does anyone have a suggestion how to use SL with Unity? * Unity behaves like Mac OS X rather than Windows, having a single top title bar which is at the same time system bar and only active for the currently selected application - a behavior I find better than the typical Windows behavior to give each application an individual menu within the application Window itself
  7. I'm wondering whether the land included in a premium account gives the owner choice over whether it is general, mature or adult land. And whether you can simply delete the house that comes with it and put your own in it's place, assuming it still fits the theme of the land. I see this right, that it's always a 512sqm parcel with 117 prims, minus the prims for the house itself?
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