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  1. Hello everyone... :) Parcel for rent.... ============ 1/4 sim Moderate Sim 6333 linden a week for 5000 prim 3167 linden a week for 2500 prim Full ability/rights.... Come and meet us.... You can ask to pikabear resident or zan3 janic... :) ============== http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Angels%20Haven/195/205/21
  2. Hello All.... 2 Days back...i've purchased a linden from http://www.anshex.com/second_life .... Its about 10k linden and i still didnt get dat linden till now... A day before, i also bought 10k linden from it ?(without registered).... and its successfull.... What happen now???:smileyfrustrated: I already send a Notecard to Anshe and still didnt get any feedback.... What im gonna do now???? I want my linden! Its not just 10l... its 10K linden! *sigh* Its my fault used this thing... mmm..Usually i use FMX to buy a linden..... Someone please help me wit ur advise or take action bout this... :matte-motes-not-even: Thank U very much!
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