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  1. I had a zooby a zooby baby and my fiancé took her after he said he would hold her and give her back well he said he had to refreash I said send daisy back he just logged and never got on again he won't speak to me now what should I do
  2. Hun I got a baby boy zooby and all u,need is the newborn They grow with stars brain boosters they are called
  3. You can find some at the newbie island
  4. http://community.secondlife.com/to/English-Knowledge-Base/Filing-an-abuse-report/ta-p/700065. Hope that helps u need to file a abuse report or create a ticket and they will help as soon as they can u will receive emails if u create a ticket and will have to give your ticket number but other whys I hope u get your L back and enjoy your secondlife If u need anymore help u can contact me in world at. Alice real sl name Hannahrudy
  5. Ok u could try to re download http://secondlife.com/support/downloads/. Or clear your cashe or just do something else for a bit and log sl out and just wait
  6. IM me sometime name in world is. Alice but real sl name Hannahrudy
  7. U can clean your cashe or re download but that is or I can say or ask for help in world but other whys have a nice secondlife!
  8. hannahrudy

    Help me plz!

    U can change your clothes * hair, shoes, ect* by.....go to your inventory and find the clothes u want to wear click them and at the bottom u will see wear and if u have no clothes but u have L (secondlife money) then u could go to Www.secondlife.com type your username and password in (u could even click save me on this computer or something like that) then u can click shopping and it will take u to marketplace. Then u type in what u want to buy or see in the search at the mp as sl people call it and there u go u can even buy land on your homepage with rl *real* money
  9. File a report and see what they can do Hun I hope u get it back
  10. Ok sounds like this is really super bad so u could try re installing second life or fileing a report if re installing don't help then I would try fileing a report Have a nice secondlife
  11. U need to have permission to modify it or if u build it then u can find a texture in your inventory under wallpaper pick one and drag it onto a spot on the walls
  12. Well u asked how to teleport well when unclog in u can pick your last location or your home (place u set as your home space) then when u log in u can look for a little globe that will show your landmarks or your history or teleports u can use a landmark or a history teleport......or u can search a place
  13. Hello Well u can try a new shape then refresh if that did not work then u could delete and re install second life....... I did once and it worked or u can file a report because it might be a bug that needs to be fixed If u got any thing else wrong then u can IM me in world at........... alice black (Hannahrudy) Have a nice day/evening/night.
  14. Well u can file A report (a case) saying that your password was stolen and u would like to retrieve it. If u don't know how to do that go to the homepage file and report and go from there good luck! If u get it back do IM me in world if u need anymore help
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