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  1. What are the ways you can ban people who are misbehaving in a sim?
  2. When I looked before, at the box that shows personal IMs from friends, it used to include the local chat box. I stupidly clicked on the "x" that switches off chat boxes, and now I can't see all the local chat and IMs in the same box with tabs at the bottom for each person talking. How can I get my IM box back to showing a tab for local chat?? I am using phoenix viewer. Thanks
  3. How do I send a notecard to someone who is off line using phoenix viewer?
  4. I have bought a house on the marketplace and it said it needed no land to use it. i'm presuming it's a skybox. So how do I rez it so I can go into it and use it with my slavegirl??
  5. Do I Have to upgrade my account to buy/rent a house?
  6. I am using phoenix viewer. How can I give something to a SL friend from my inventory?
  7. If I want to block someone from speaking to me on Phoenix viewer how do I do it?
  8. My avatar is remaining a lot of smoke and will not materialise. I'm using phoenix viewer. Can any one please help
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