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  1. You use BOM i guess. You can't wear alpha with BOM, it gets a red tint.  Aw.. 10 minutes after i write this I notice..., 2014 last post... sorry, was there even BOM then ? :smiles

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  2. For me, similar issue started today on Firestorm : HUDs non responsive to mouse. I discovered that from inventory I can right-click the attached item to find in the menu and click 'touch', then the expected dialog appears faithfully. I also found that if its an attachment with script that responds to channel messages or other event (chat, timer, link messages...) not coming from the interface (mouse), it will work too (I'd like to hear your experience if you tried inventory or chat messages to test access to attachment's scripts). So in my case its not the scripts, they are working fine, the mechanism is active inside. its the interface with the HUD. The mouse behaves exactly like if it was under the RLVa restriction to prevent access to the HUD by a submissive, except RLVa is not active and I have no RLV script active either. Also. all my HUDs are affected, not just one ! And that is cross accounts, my alt have the same problem. This last point is definitively different then what some other here have been experiencing.

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