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  1. oh oh hang on now lol if a sub can tell a master what they can do doesn't that make the sub the master?
  2. A submissive is supposed to be submissive. A “bratty sub” is not a submissive. Quote “ is fiesty and has been known to give resistance to a point.” So a submissive who likes to fight with her master? Is that a submissive? Definition: sub·mis·sive /səb'mɪsɪv/ Show Spelled[suhb-mis-iv] Show IPA adjective 1. inclined or ready to submit; unresistingly or humbly obedient: submissive servants. 2. marked by or indicating submission: a submissive reply. Key word there is obedient. So I guess she wants to role play a bad submissive who is actually aggressive and dominate? Do bad subs exist? I'm sure they do but why would any master want to role play with a sub who refuses to be a sub?
  3. Even if not asked it can be “lying” about real life. Examples: A fake real life profile picture of a female. Little comments inserted into conversations intended to deceive like: "Oh I'm having a bad day... just broke up with my real life boyfriend." Those are always done. I’ve seen both kinds of “lies” a lot. Really if a person is good at the roleplaying “lie” the person will never ask what you are in rl cause they think they already know from the deceptions. I have lots of male friends who play female strippers or lesbians in sl so I’ve seen all their tricks. Talking about fake real life things only a female would talk about is very common. Fact is, it’s impossible to roleplay a female in second life unless they think you are female in real life as well. Imagine seeing a female stripper in second life with a profile pic of a rl male and a profile statement that says: “I’m a male in real life but like roleplaying a female stripper in second life. I’m only open to relationships with sl and rl females thanks” You think any men would tip him as a female stripper? The illusion requires they think what you are in sl matches what you are in rl. I would never get into a sl relationship with anybody I have not heard on voice.
  4. There’s another reason people state they are lesbians in profile. It’s because they are straight men in real life playing lesbian female avatars in second life and as straight men in real life, getting hit on by other men in second life freaks them out. So it’s a way for men role-playing females to make sure only females hit on them, which also tend to be other men role-playing females in a lot of cases. The point about original topic is we are not our bodies, we have a body. And whatever our real life body is sex wise, it has nothing to do with what it is in sl. I have met a lot of men playing female avatars in sl and roleplaying lesbians. It’s actually more than role playing its making up a fake real life story that “proves” they are also female in real life. Also, I know women who plays males in second life and marry women in second life who believe they are male in real life as well. The amount of men who play lesbians in sl and on net as whole is huge. Myspace used to have lesbian groups who traded pics and were something like 99% males as far as real gender. If you see two men in second life standing together and start to wonder what their real life sexual orientation is, number one you are probably a sex addict, but besides your obsession with sex, another thing you might want to consider is the fact sl sex has nothing to do with rl sex. Males play females and females play males in a lot of cases. Playing various sexual orientations in sl and sexes don’t make it anymore real than roleplaying a goblin or monster in warcraft. It’s fantasy nothing more unless you disclose what you are in real life and so does partner and nobody is lying. Even then, it’s in the realm of fantasy though says more about what you are in real life as far as orientations. Every animal on this planet has sex. It exists to make the species continue that’s about it. It has a strong pleasure drug like component to it to ensure we do it and the species continues. But it is not who we are. It’s a pleasure or a way to make a baby. A pleasure like eating ice cream or whatever. To get your identity or to judge others based on such a trivial thing makes not much sense. It’s how you treat yourself and others what defines you, how moral and compassionate you are, how free and open you are. So I see two males standing together I don’t care what they do to get off. All I care about is if they have morals and ethics and are kind people. That’s what I judge them on and how I define them. The body is something we have for a few years then let go of. It is not us. It always seems odd to me to define yourself or others based on something you do for pleasure. Imagine helping some old lady cross the street then you get to the other side and she says, “so are you strait or gay?” What does that say about the old ladies morals and intelligence? Why is she preoccupied with such an unimportant thing? A thing that says nothing about who you are?
  5. I think identifying the body as the human is a bit of a simplistic approach. We have a body, we are not the body. To claim we are the body also aserts there is no after life.
  6. The issue is morality not sexual preference. One can be sexually immoral no matter what their sexual preference is. Also, sexuality has to do with the body and has little to do with the true self which has no sexual orientation. The brain is male or female, but not intelligence or awareness. One has thoughts but doesn't have to be thoughts. Simply put, you have a body, you are not the body. Though I'm sure one can totally identify with the body as the self if they choose to.
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